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Islam: Who is a Muslim? 2

Islam: Who is a Muslim?

The answer to this question as to who is a Muslim will also simultaneously explain who is not a Muslim. 1,209 more words

Media Fanaticism

Reflections: Ibn Arabi On Beauty

Peace be upon you dear readers,
I hope you’re having a lovely weekend insha’Allah, God willing.
I’ve had a few conversations recently with friends about fashion, clothes, make-up and our bodies. 600 more words

Learn the difference.

Again, this has nothing to do with my blog, but idc its my blog I can post whatever I want

This is a sourat from the Holy Quran. 31 more words

Happy New year (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(: -----:Entry 4

Well It is January 5  days have passed to 2015. As we farewell 2014 lets take a time to reflect upon our deeds. And its a new year lets get better at what we do be good people and start off new. 258 more words

Holy Book Of The Muslims

Jesus on the Brain

I woke up this morning with Jesus on the brain. From a few different angles, though.
1. The other day I thought of doing a post about Jesus. 484 more words

Self Improvement

Power Couple and Happy...

This morning while driving my mind was stuck on the phrase “power couple.” I tried to shake the idea from my mind but it kept surfacing so hey, let’s play with the idea. 533 more words

Self Improvement