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Islam: Can faith be authentic?

Can faith be authentic?


Faith needs to be truthful- otherwise faith has no meaning. Helping the people reach God through the right way is the objective of religions. 1,599 more words

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Islam: Is God far away?

Islam: Is God far away?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


All living beings die and disappear one day and never to return the world to resume the life. 552 more words

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القران الكريم للشاشات 6 انش [kindle, sony & Kobo reader ..]

في بلادي في الحفل الافتتاحي لأي منشأة جديدة يبدأ بالقران الكريم لذا وجب علي ان يكون هذا المقال عن كتاب الله لان هذا هو مقالي الاول!


Is God far away?

Is God far away?



All living beings die and disappear one day.

Man destroys all non-living things and tries to dismantle even the balancing system of the universe so that none remains anywhere, both living and non-living. 177 more words

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