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In the garden of Eden God put man’s biggest moral decision in the centre of their working environment. The same is true today, it is in our work, paid or otherwise, where we tend to find our toughest moral decisions. 49 more words


Love Drunk

“You guys know that love-sick feeling, where you can’t stop thinking about that certain person?

All you feel is bliss, euphoria, paradise, butterflies…

There is an intimacy that I tapped into with Jesus this year that I had no idea was possible. 141 more words


Indicatives & Imperatives 3

1 Corinthians

The letter we know as 1 Corinthians is actually the second of four letters Paul wrote to this church. It was likely written in 55 A.D. 1,386 more words


Return Home and Tell

Jesus rarely encouraged anyone to share their miracle stories, most likely to avoid the rumor mill and the masses looking to be healed physically but missing the spiritual context. 397 more words

Ordinary Time

Holding the door open for friends

A friend once told me about their experience of becoming a Christian, and spoke of her desperation to get into God’s presence once she’d realised what it meant. 320 more words


He is Beautiful

The world
Looked at through a microscope
As it comes into focus
The more cracks & imperfections you will find
But the longer you investigate Jesus… 13 more words


The Lord Jesus Christ is Strong

The Lord Jesus Christ is strong. While on the earth, Jesus resisted every temptation from the enemy. In Jesus, the debt we owed to Satan through sin is canceled, thereby setting us free from enslavement to the kingdom of darkness and welcoming us as citizens of the kingdom of light. 67 more words

Driscoll, Mark