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The meal that was a prayer


The story of Jesus’ ministry is drawing to a close, and I find myself feeling like time is rolling down an ever-steepening slope. I suspect the disciple/apprentices may have had a gnawing sense their course of study was nearly over, which may have left them desperately trying to formulate questions they should ask while they can, even while they wanting nothing more than additional time to just be near to Jesus and time to await the teaching or illustration he would choose to share next. 354 more words


Holy Week

Holy Thursday

Jesus’ words at the last supper are important because they occur so near the end of his life, a privileged place. Here Jesus addresses one of the hardest things in any relationship—saying a final good-bye. 606 more words



By Carol Longman

On the Thursday before Easter, also called Gruendonnerstag, Green Thursday or Maunday Thursday, a German custom is to eat green foods… 312 more words


Followers of Christ become like Christ; hung among thieves!

Jesus has got a great big heart!

The first meaning of Holy Thursday is service – love.

Most of us have grasped that Christianity (therefore Catholicism) is about service – but the kind of service Jesus undertakes is a little more than giving a few hours here and there! 639 more words

Roman Catholic Church

Holy Week in 2 minutes

Holy Week is upon us, and this video is worth watching in order to understand exactly what we go through this week and why.


Holy Thursday with the Disabled

Happy Holy week everyone! As I take on the suffering of a bread and water fast this week, in remembrance of all of the suffering my Savior endured for me (and all), I’d like to leave you all with a reminder to continue to look to the Holy Father for an example of humility. 171 more words

Holy Week and Easter Services

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have a short communion service at 5:30 pm

Thursday, we will have a blended service and pot-luck supper that will start shortly after 6:00 pm. 83 more words

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