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Lent Day #39 | Good Friday

I have often wondered if the first disciples of Jesus felt it was appropriate to call the Friday Jesus died “good.” It is difficult to fathom how anything that took place that Friday afternoon could have been considered good. 306 more words



There were three

To be killed

That day.

Two were thieves,

Strong young men,

Their lives to be wasted

For their crime.

They wailed,

Writhed, sobbed, 209 more words



This past week I drove my 1999 Nissan Altima knowing that it would be the very last time. I bought the car back in 2000 from a woman at my church who won the car for selling a lot of make-up products. 311 more words


Maudy Thursday Sermon

Tonight is about much more than feet. And this is about more than our own discomfort with feet whether they be others’ or our own. Though when I hear people say they are uncomfortable with the foot washing ritual it usually has something to do with a dislike or discomfort regarding feet. 1,022 more words


Not Alone

I’m an extrovert. Actually, I would classify myself as an extreme extrovert. I love people. People are life. Amen.

Here’s the thing, my extreme extrovertedness has led to this: I hate to be alone. 277 more words


The cloak

In the grey dawn

They surged through the gates,


For the Passover treat,

The annual redemption

Of a chosen one

By their appointed lord. 178 more words


Getting Ready for Good Friday / a prayer-poem

by peter traben haas

Take my eyes and see the bonds that bind the earth to me in body and love.

Walk out from the dark chambers of silence and see the shadow shards in the Nissan moonlight. 41 more words

Contemplative Christianity