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4 Weeks in, We're Making a Change

I have been working all day to get two videos posted.  It is now 8:14pm and the first one posted about a half hour ago.  My goodness!  884 more words


Cider Makers Battle: It's On Like Diddy Kong

This weekend in sunny Kent, England, it’s an epic battle of traditional cider pressing versus modern juicing machines. Muscle versus motor. “Slow food” versus labor-saving device. 247 more words



Three years ago today I met the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with for the first time.

A lot of my posts centre on how much of a dick he is. 216 more words


There's no place like home...

I’m going to keep this short, mainly because if I don’t, I could ramble on forever about the city I call home. Many say Newcastle is renowned for the people, friendly and welcoming with a cheerful accent and genuine approach. 351 more words


Home data. Foreclosure data. Total return data.

The home is the only investment I know of in which you can live in on a daily basis. I cannot live in my IBM stock. 123 more words


Solar panels are the equivalent of planting 88 trees per year.


Really enjoyed this article about how to make our homes greener homes and smarter homes. Some of these are costly to implement while the others are extremely simple. 35 more words


Morning in the City #haiku #photography #poem

Day starts early

morning sounds drown in motion

sun takes its time

Jim Kacian’s Prompt through the Carpe Diem community is Morning in the City… 12 more words