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How-To: Salvage a Lawn Chair

Many a beloved lawn chair has been ravaged by the hands of time (and the backsides of their owners) until being rendered useless and forsaken. Thankfully, Instructables member… 117 more words


Če sedaj ta članek berete na računalniku, obstaja velika možnost, da imate v ušesih ali pa blizu sebe par slušalk.


Keep Your Vacation Worry Free:

These final summer months whisk many people away from their homes on vacations or on day trips to enjoy the weather. This checklist will help you protect your home from potential theft or damage while you are away: 186 more words


V obupu našel novo upanje

Zgodba govori o zaljubljenem Gonzalu, ki ga je zapustilo njegovo dekle Lucía. Obupani Gonzalo si želi, da bi se ljubezen njegovega življenja vrnila k njemu, a Lucía ga ne usliši. 176 more words


While I heal

I want to erase every memory of my ex. I want to forget his very existence.
Surely this can’t be healthy.
I do not want to be consumed with bitterness and resentment. 143 more words

The Prepared Shopper

When I’m out and about, I just love it when something catches my eye as a potential organizational fix or decor item. Unfortunately, I also suffer from horrendous buyer’s remorse. 321 more words