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A morning in the life of this mama...

Some days it’s an absolute miracle that we get out the door to school.

The other day was was one of those.

My daughter had a celebration at school. 252 more words


Corn, Corn, Everywhere

I (DeAnna) tried to plant a garden full of foods we miss using seeds from the USA and tomatoes and dill sprang forth.  The sweet corn, peppers, cantaloupe, etc…  all fizzled.  195 more words


"Welcome to Amsterdam" by Sasha at Vancouver General Hospital

Thursday November 20, 2014
5 minutes
A sign at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Welcome to Amsterdam
And Lethbridge
And Honolulu
Welcome to your grandmother’s basement… 52 more words

With the Bible as our History-book

The wintery weather has made its wonderful arrival to Israel, bringing blessed peace and cosiness and all kinds of good things! (Yes, it is almost funny how rain brings peace, but it really does, – I guess stone throwers don’t want to get wet and cold!) 369 more words


Tips and tricks: Etiquette

As there have been some events recently that made me think people have no etiquette whatsoever, I decided to share some very basic tips, that in my opinion should be followed by everyone, who is eating in front of people or eating at all… And I am no etiquette nazi, I don’t eat with books under my arms, and don’t stand straight at all times, but some things are good to know and do and follow… 198 more words


Press conference news story (issues in journalism)

On Friday when we arrived to our seminar in the morning my teacher said we are going to have a press conference with a former tfl press officer, who is now a press officer who works for FA (football association). 484 more words