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My Midnight Scare

Last night at bedtime, my seven-year-old daughter complained that she heard noises in the hallway that were keeping her awake.  I didn’t think much of it.   791 more words


Procrastinating from study

things I did today instead of studying…

  • cleaned my room
  • curled my  hair
  • shaved my legs
  • washed the dishes
  • watched tv
  • made my bed
  • did my washing…
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Random Thought #7

I totally understand Tom Hanks’ character in Cast Away creating a relationship with a volleyball. If I’m alone in my apartment for a couple HOURS I’m having imaginary conversations; I can’t even imagine having years to make friends with inanimate objects.

Pooky is my living Wilson.

Phew What a Relief!

We got home today and the house was just as we left it.

The great news is that in spite of all the worry of leaving the Resident Adolescent out on the street as it were (not really of course but that is how it felt to his anxious father) he survived and he spoke on the phone tonight without rancour or complaint. 282 more words

The 14 Best Things About Being Home Alone

By Emma Obank

As soon as your family leave the house are you the kind of person who runs upstairs to watch and participate in a YouTube tutorial on twerking? 351 more words

What We Love

Surviving a Business Trip (That's Not Your Own)

My husband goes on business trips about three times per year, most recently a ten-day trip to Turkey.  And each time sucks.  His very first business trip (while we were married) was the worst- we were newly married, he was three months away from deploying and the Army saw fit to send him to Texas for a week.  408 more words

Business Trip

Home Alone

This week my family has been out of town, and I thought it would be a nice change of pace.  It was for a couple days, of course, during those two days I was also working on a 20 page paper for grad school.   409 more words