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At a party, almost over. A good party. Old friends, not seen in a long time. It’s a little disconcerting because everyone seems surprised I’m alive … or maybe that I look reasonably normal. 54 more words


Farmer's Markets, Milkweed, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin'

Nothing says summer like the local farmer’s market — the fruits and vegetables are fresher than the grocery store, there are more organic choices, and you can use your own containers. 252 more words

Simple Living

Placesettings: Star-gazing at lunch

I just planted a clump of Stargazer lilies near our front door. A year ago that space was our old driveway, so I had a blank slate for planting, so to speak. 277 more words

Vintage Tablecloths

Toasted Selfies. Because Taking Photos is Too Mainstream

A miracle happened. Two angels appeared in my toast
“I saw angels in my toast bread. I really did see two angels in my toast bread. 48 more words

How to fertilize the Bonsai plants

Every plant requires adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals for its growth. It gets most of these through air, water and the soil that it grows in. 332 more words

Coco Coir

Simple Tips for Achieving the Best Sir Walter Lawn Year by Year

You know the feeling…..after all the hard the work, time, effort and money you have invested into your lawn, the lawn still doesn’t reach the lofty heights of the lushness, greenness, softness and presentation that you had hoped for. 503 more words

Home And Garden

Store Watch: Room Therapy, Hyderabad

The narrative is colourful with distinct Indian and globally influenced echoes. This is exactly the story that Sona Reddy’s store – Room Therapy tells. A step in and the stunning décor will surely have you drooling. 312 more words