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A Christmas Centerpiece

It was 2006 and my friend Janet was visiting Bill and me here in Virginia.  We were Christmas shopping at a lovely country store when she came upon some sparkly pomegranates and bought them all. 152 more words

Country Thoughts

Beyond Perfection for the Holidays

The Daily Post:  Ready, Set, Done!

Set a timer for ten minutes. 

Write without pause (and no edits) until you’re out of time. 

Then publish what you have… 542 more words

Home And Hearth

Hurrah for Bad Weather

Random 5 Friday

I maintained my “up” attitude this week.  This may be the longest stretch of joy since nineteen hundred and fifty nine.  By this time in the holiday season I am ordinarily “snarky,” as my friend, MJ says, and it all began with a Christmas tree. 410 more words

Country Thoughts

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

December? Sez who? The calendar? Well, all righty then.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are in the rear-view mirror — and also in the toilet, holiday-sales-wise… 225 more words


Yes, Mormons Celebrate Thanksgiving

A dear friend, who know that I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (otherwise know as the Mormons), asked me the other day if I celebrate Thanksgiving. 426 more words

Feeling Close To God

Fall Style: For Your House

Leaves are tumbling down the street like colorful confetti. Pumpkins, mums and scarecrows give even the busiest city street a hint of country elegance. The light seems softer, people are jollier and this is only the beginning of the holiday season. 448 more words


The Shy Blue Sky and Painted Earth

You could blame it on the Shibori pants I slipped into this morning and the brown boots of yore waiting for true winter chill, but my head is all royal and earthy now. 106 more words

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