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The Shy Blue Sky and Painted Earth

You could blame it on the Shibori pants I slipped into this morning and the brown boots of yore waiting for true winter chill, but my head is all royal and earthy now. 106 more words

The Good Stuff

System maintenance

Downtime. Hasn’t been much of that sort of thing around here lately.

If you haven’t moved for a dozen years or so, it’s something of a shock to the system, like waking up in a strange room with the notion that you’ve been misbehaving again. 211 more words

Just Mumbling Along

The Deep Freeze

It’s been COLD around here for a few days now!  We’re in a deep freeze.

Luckily, it sounds like we’ll get above freezing again tomorrow.  Good thing, ’cause we’re starting to go a little stir-crazy. 195 more words

Home And Hearth

Age Spots and Barnacles on the Brain

I bought a beautiful piece of wearing apparel for my daughter-in-law’s Christmas gift.  I would love to tell you what it is, but Emmy reads the posts so you will simply have to guess. 421 more words


Happy Halloween!

My good friend, Melissa, makes the most beautiful cards! This is the one she sent to hubby and I for Halloween… I LOVE IT! Halloween is one of our absolute favorite holidays. 327 more words

Home And Hearth

High time to hit the road

It was 4:20 p.m. (smoke ‘em if you got ‘em) when I fired up the Forester for the latest six-hour drive from Bibleburg to Duke City. 503 more words


Time Talking, Time Flying

I have been away.  No, not really travelling but far away and seemingly for a very long time.

My friend Noche, the German Shepherd, was here for over a week and then she traded us for her own loving family.   119 more words