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Working With OpenHAB: Ultra Short Working Demo

I started work on my home automation project and I got OpenHAB to ping my Cellphone to identify if I was at home or not. A short video demonstrating the same.

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Channel Vision Adds Bluetooth to A-BUS Home Audio System

If you have an A-BUS home audio system, then you might want to take a look at this new Bluetooth interface from Channel Vision.

The Channel Vision Bluetooth for A-BUS Home Audio System enables Bluetooth audio streaming for any A-BUS audio system. 81 more words

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Remote Monitoring: Peace of Mind on Your Next Vacation

This post comes to us from Lisa Montgomery, Senior Editor at Electronic House and freelance home technology writer.

You’ve hit the road with the family for the annual summer vacation. 344 more words

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Forget the Keys

Forget fumbling with keys. And, unlike locks with RF chips that make you swipe or tap for entry, this lock from August works with Bluetooth LE to detect your presence. 471 more words


Belkin's Smartphone-Controlled Crock-Pot Doesn't Dish Enough Features

“OMG, you’re such a nerd.”

That’s the response I got from my brother when I told him I was testing a smartphone-controlled Crock-Pot this week. But I couldn’t have been more excited. 1,138 more words