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Tell It Like It Is - 5 Reasons to Provide Feedback

We have all had experiences when dealing with companies that are either exceptional, or make you wonder how the business is still in existence. While there certainly is an enormous gap between mediocre companies and exceptional companies, there is typically one common thread across them all. 857 more words


Lesson 4 B: Finding the Time to create Wealth


We have now identified the following

  • Finding the right income opportunity

  • Researched the start-up cost

  • Sold or re-cycled common household things to cover the “start-up” cost: WITHOUT TOUCHING YOUR CURRENT BUDGET…

  • 858 more words
Home Based Business

Lesson 3: Marketing Plan for Wealth

Before I could market my new home based business, I had to find out more about the business and what others do in the business to make them successful. 833 more words

Home Based Business

How to Overcome the Challenges of Working from Home

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Working from home certainly has its perks but don’t mistake it as a walk in the park (Rest assured though that it can be a meaningful and enjoyable walk in the park if you really love what you’re doing… 665 more words

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The Challenges of Working At Home

In as much as I’m enjoying working at homehaving the freedom to manage my time anyway I want to – it is undeniably challenging as well. 653 more words

Home Business

...and now you are self employed.

I was recently asked to speak at a conference on how to transition from corporate life to entrepreneur.  Many Canadians and Americans have a dream of working for themselves, being their own boss and making themselves a lot of money, not working to make others rich.  835 more words


Leaders in a New Profession

Leaders are needed in every organization.  Those who are not bossy busy bodies, but people that lead by example.  Doing what needs to be done and showing others how to prosper by doing the same.  687 more words

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