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I Support Home Birth *Safety*

I’m not entirely sure why I feel so strongly about home birth. I always have, I mean, I felt so strongly that I even refused to be born in the hospital! 738 more words

My Birth Story Part I: My Journey to Home Birth

Well, here we are, one year from the week I gave birth to my first child. This past year has been so surreal, I honestly can’t wrap my head around it. 1,128 more words


Does fear cause labor pain?

There haven’t been any conclusive studies about attitude affecting labor pain, but it is a central tenant of Natural Child Birth.

The following is an anecdote, but its a pretty powerful one. 236 more words

Hospital Birth

Lavendilly Story Time: The Ringing Bell

This is the story of my Little One’s caesarean birth. I wrote this to tell at her 4th birthday party, although I told a simplified version. 1,527 more words

~Homebirth Preparations & Supplies~

So I realized the other day that… Oh gezzzz I need to get on the ball and start buying supplies for the home-birth. The midwife wants most of everything all put together and ready to go by the 36 week home-visit.. 484 more words

A Father's Telling of an Illinois Home Birth

Chris & Elisa Marchand, Peoria, Illinois, 2013

This is reposted with permission from Chris Marchand’s blog PostConsumer Reports.

These thoughts, which have since been revised, were written after the birth of our second child Micah Joseph with some additions after the birth of our third child Isaac Mathieu, born on July 14, 2013. 4,202 more words

Home Birth