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Stir fried rice: A great dish in a city devoid of good Chinese takeaways!

Leeds foodies are lucky people! There are so many great places to eat out, a great market to get produce from and even our own excellent micro brewers. 532 more words

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15 Cool German Illnesses You Can Only Get Here

Mostly because 1) you probably can’t pronounce them and 2) they don’t really exist.

Germans aren’t hypochondriacs, by the way. They’re Hypochonder.



Throw together chicken and veg pot

Here’s a quick and easy recipe to use up all that lovely vegetables sitting in your fridge¬†with a bit of chicken, stock and herbs. 100 more words


Today's Lunch

Ham and vegetable stir fry. Includes one small precooked ham steak, one medium yellow onion, a quarter sized piece of fresh ginger (minced), a quarter of a medium sized tomato, and two generous handfuls of fresh baby spinach. 8 more words


Simple things is life

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Take for instance food. It does not need to be always mega-hyper complicated to taste great.

This was just a moments thought and a few minutes of preparation. 56 more words


Ottolenghi's Cauliflower Cake

I have been on a quest to rehabilitate cauliflower for some time now. It’s going pretty well so far.

It came off my, admittedly short, list of banned foods when I had the epiphany that it wasn’t the cauliflower itself that I so passionately loathed, but the way it was cooked. ¬† 859 more words

Home Cooking

Butternut Squash & Spinach Lasagne

On 28th January 2015, This was Dinner

Well what a lovely day, it started by almost being blown into work from the train but luckily avoiding a massive downpour of rain/hail. 260 more words