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Improve Your Home, Improve Your Life And Live Better

The way your home looks can change the way you feel. If you work at home, this is even more important. You will be able to work and rest easier if your home is up to your standards. 338 more words

Home Decor Ideas

How Home Improvement Can Make You Happy

Your home has a huge impact on how you feel, every single day of your life. Most of us spend the vast majority of our time either at work or at home – and if you work from home, that doubles the impact your home has on your life. 392 more words

Home Decor Ideas

Life Improves After Home Renovations

The majority of your life will be spent either at work or at home. The way your home looks affects your mood. If your home makes you feel happy and relaxed, it helps you to recharge and be ready next time you leave. 396 more words

Home Decor Ideas

Woven Wood Shades

Create a relaxed, inviting warmth in any room with Natural Woven Shades. They’re eco-friendly and come in a variety of natural materials such as bamboos, reeds, exotic grasses and woven blends from all over the world. 18 more words

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What I'm Obsessing Over This WEEK....

Skip the canvas…paint the wall!  Check out

Britta Nickel’s Blog…girl LOVE your tag line

“I’m not a girl…I’m a storm with skin”.

Go girl!


Erotic And Stylish Bedrooms

I found these pictures online that are labeled for reuse. I found them during my horny nights when my artistic side gets awakened too. As my imagination runs wild I think of the kind of beds I want to get laid on.  388 more words

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