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As I mentioned in my previous post my DIY libido has been a little low lately. I look around my apartment and I see a lot  1,442 more words


The Death of a .... Consumer! Shame on You Home Depot & LG!

I know, it’s corny. Please forgive me. I usually don’t RANT! But I’ve been killed by not one, but two reputable companies and I’m extremely pissed off. 571 more words

Dexter's DIY Headboard Adventure

In the latest episode of “Days of Our Lives: California” Dexter helps his mommy with an awesome DIY project :)

On Thursday, Dexter convinced his mommy and daddy it was time to stop living like college kids and get a grown-up headboard. 1,018 more words

Where to find pallet boards?

There are several options for pallet boards. The most desirable, are obviously free pallet boards. The best places I’ve seen to score free pallets are sites like… 69 more words

Day 9: The Garden Experiment

When attempting to make the best tasting food you inevitably find yourself looking for the freshest and best tasting ingredients. In my life, one quest leads to another, so obviously learning about new cooking methods led to learning about new food growing methods, which led to growing food in my backyard. 514 more words

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Adventures in Painting

I made a vow to paint the entire inside of the house before the plumbers got here to replace all the pipes (we ended up buying a house with polybutylene pipes so they all had to be replaces with new PEX pipes but on the upside we did get a better price on the house because of it). 1,217 more words