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A Lil' Sumthin' Sumthin'

Ok, so last Wednesday, I blogged about my in-laws coming to stay with us for a while due to an unfortunate incident (please read to get abreast if you haven’t already). 442 more words

Wednesdays With INDIGO

Live and Let Live

I love everything about summer but number two on my list, after going to the beach, is taking care of my garden. Like any mother I feed my plant babies and shop for them –  delicious foods  like fish emulsion and blood meal. 313 more words

The Paintbrush and Roller: Two Tools of the Grunt

To the uninitiated, the only unfortunate side effect of painting twenty or so feet above the ground on a ladder is the ever-present possibility of a fall to a crippling injury or a prolonged death as you lie in a pool of blood (yeesh, that got a little dark). 883 more words


The Problem:  

When we moved into our new house we tried to make do with the furniture we already had.  But when it came time to connect up our TV, we realized that our old setup was not going to work with two (now walking) toddlers who were a far greater threat to our flatscreen than they had been. 1,280 more words


DIY Household Organization.

Hey friends.   I think I have caught the organization bug. I guess it has something to do with realizing Martha Stewart magazines and following pretty Pinterest accounts.   366 more words

Self-draining Patio Potty

Now that Mazzilli is a bit bigger (a whopping 10 lbs!) cleaning up after her is a bit messier.  Sorry to be gross, but for anyone who has ever had a dog, you know what I mean… Cleaning up the puppy pads & washing down the patio is an everyday chore (that Seven does faithfully!!).   533 more words

Movie Trailer Monday - The Equalizer

This trailer has been out for a little while now, but it looks good and it’s Denzel so it should be. Definitely gonna have to see this when it comes out. 12 more words