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It's Wisconsin in autumn

MN schools have a four day weekend every October. Ours was this week and Friday we all made a run for the border. Wisconsin. Crystal cave, a cheese factory, a nice round of hiking and Geocaching, our 100th find, a stop at the beer store for some leinies seasonal and a late dinner at the Casino buffet. 41 more words

Home Ec

Prompts 2014-03-22 Home Ec


1. It looked soft and supple

2. Shortbread

3. We all had to do it


Cassandra Blenkensop had hated housework forever. She hated dusting, and vacuuming, and wiping down kitchen counters, but most of all she hated cooking. 427 more words


Search Engine Optimization: Replacement Shelf Bracket Whirlpool Freezer

If I were selling those brackets, I’d be rich:

Now, that looks like Search Engine Optimization it is to die for! Google will give you a different set of pictures, but I… 18 more words

Machine Shop

Crysknife Modification

For whatever reason, the handle of the ceramic knife extended a few millimeters below the blade heel:

Now it doesn’t:

Which makes it much more usable for the kind of chopping I do around here: the blade hits the cutting board squarely, producing chunks of veggies along its entire length. 45 more words

Machine Shop

Apple Shrub results

Oh what a fantastic apple shrub! It tastes like honey and ginger and apples! Soooo delicious.

Home Ec

Duct Tape Pouch!


I never knew what those huge bins of beautiful Duct Tape sold at Walmart were for. I have since learned that Duct Tape has become it’s own category in the craft world! 445 more words


Embroidery rocks

Nearing the end of a big project is so satisfying and I am on a total embroidery kick. It is just the funnest craft I think. 64 more words

Home Ec