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Trust Multimedia Mouse: Gummy Rubber

While looking for something else, I found the old Trust Multimedia Mouse and discovered its nice grippy rubber surfaces had become adhesive slime. Graduated efforts with water, rubbing alcohol, and denatured alcohol being unavailing, I finally hit it with xylene and  70 more words

Machine Shop

Eyeglass Temple Spring Repair

Another of Mary’s glasses snapped at the temple joint:

This one has a spring inside the joint that latches the temple on either side of that square inner corner. 82 more words

Machine Shop

Heating Blanket Controller: Soldering QC

A friend reported that three of the four heating blankets he’s bought over the last several years have failed, so he sent the lot to me for teardown and maybe repair. 137 more words

Electronics Workbench

Remembering Home Ec Classes

I am staring at three bananas rotting in a bowl on my kitchen counter and feeling guilty about the waste. The next thing I know I’m off to the grocery store to buy the rest of the ingredients I need to bake banana bread. 832 more words


Most Audacious Subscription Scam EVAH!

This just arrived (clicky for more dots):

I’m not sure how many folks will drop 1.1 large in response to that mailing, but surely it doesn’t take very many to break even.  36 more words

Home Ec

The Biscuit King

A few weeks ago our Mennonite friends in Cerulean, Kentucky, invited us to watch them make sweet sorghum syrup. Sorghum is similar to molasses, but has a much earthier taste with a touch of sourness. 972 more words

Watching Paint Dry

The rules for disposing of latex paint around here require that it be “dried with sawdust”, whatever that means. Over the years we’ve accumulated quite a lot of latex paint, in addition to a rich stockpile that Came With The House™, and I simply don’t have that much sawdust. 142 more words

Home Ec