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Scrub a dub

The Man of My Dreams and I are alike in many ways. We both hate mushrooms. We both love old stuff nobody else wants. But we are also different, which is how things work, right? 463 more words


Real Estate Sale Signage

Real Estate Agencies used to post property marker signs like this:

Even far off to the side, a bright background color catches your eye:

The signs sported primary colors, reasonably large type, and simple words, making them almost readable in those pictures and definitely legible from the driver’s seat. 500 more words

Home Ec

A mess of ribbons

Somehow this picture got lost from my last post… The aftermath on my kitchen table. If some of these look familiar it is because I’ve posted them here before. Some pig is my favorite.


County fair award winners

I almost forgot to brag about our county fair winnings! A years worth of hard work for my family and a healthy dose of competition. I ended up with all blue ribbons in the knitting and crochet categories I entered… They gave me my own cabinet! 107 more words


Revlon Tweezers: Bad Spot Welds

Mary bought a pair of Revlon tweezers a while ago, picking a Name Brand to avoid hassles with bottom-dollar crap:

Well, that didn’t work.

I contend that the only difference between Name Brands and the bottom-dollar crap I tend to buy is a bit of QC and a lot of price. 288 more words

Machine Shop

Trimming Ironman Sunglasses

These sunglasses fit Mary’s face and do a good job of keeping road grit out of her eyes, but she doesn’t like the extended earpieces. So I cut ‘em off: 54 more words

Machine Shop

Family portrait

A little cross stitch i did using a pattern kit from the 80s

Home Ec