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Sports Day and a Trip to London

Squeezing in a last post before we leave for Nottingham tomorrow – we’ve had a packed few days so here’s a round-up of what we’ve been up to: 877 more words


English - The Girl

I wrote about The Girl learning to read a couple of weeks ago and some of the books I’m using for English next year are continuations of series I mentioned in that post so I won’t write a whole lot about those books here. 927 more words


Butterflies and Caterpillars

The Girl looked at the life cycle of a butterfly in her science book.

Then we did a butterfly craft set.

I’d been noticing that we’ve got loads of orange and black caterpillars in the garden this year. 319 more words


Our First Lap-Book

Earlier this month The Girl made her first lap-book. I picked one on bees as she had been fascinated by the bees in the garden pollinating the vegetables. 457 more words


Learning to Read

About 2 years ago, when The Girl was about 3.5, she asked to be taught to read. She wanted to be able to read like her big brother, but it was clear she wasn’t going to be able to teach herself to read the way The Boy did. 1,446 more words



I try hard to answer Jiggy’s questions honestly. I am a firm believer in not pre-empting answers, not giving children information they have not asked for and yet being a ‘go to’ place for answers. 288 more words

Home Education

Making Words

A few weeks ago I picked up a game of ‘Making Words Snap’ and ‘My First Making Words Snap’.

We tried out the ‘My First Making Words Snap’ first.  246 more words