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The problem with 'if it only saves one...'

Every so often I hear the phrase ‘if it only saves one child then it’s worth it’.

On the one hand I can see their point of view, on the other I think to myself  ‘But what about the children who suffer due to it?’ Through no fault of their own, or any fault of their parents. 659 more words

Conflating Welfare And Education


As I have mentioned here before, J was never a big writer while at school. We were told that she wasn’t able or willing (they weren’t sure which!) to write more than a few words. 231 more words


Ancient Egypt

We have started a new unit on Ancient Egypt. It’s so hard to know what to look at in depth with this topic. The period covered by Ancient Egypt went on for three thousand years – that’s a lot to cover! 333 more words


Flowers and Birds

This week this is what we have bee learning about in homeschool:
Son: A year if plants- flowers
Daughter: Day 5 of creation-birds

Here’s what the children made: 36 more words


Summer school

The summer holidays have started so my posting will become erratic at best, this is because we now start summer school. I know this sounds rather harsh for a seven and four year old, but it really is fun. 523 more words

Insane Rambelings

For those who do things differently

Okay I admit it! Sometimes, just sometimes, I wanted to be in a position that wasn’t quite so different.

It got increasingly tedious to have those conversations outside the dance or pottery clubs whilst I waited for the girls as there was always the inevitable question; ‘So where do yours go to school?’ 453 more words

The Matter of a Millimeter

I sat beside him with a ruler and showed him how small a millimeter is, and how many of them it takes to make a centimeter. 498 more words

God's Love