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Some Facts About LED Bulbs

Environmentally-friendly LED bulbs continue to grow in popularity because of their longevity and energy savings.

Early versions of LED bulbs often cast a blue hue, but today’s LEDs can mimic the white or yellow glow of incandescent or fluorescent lights. 233 more words



There is good and bad ventilation: draughts are the main constituent of the bad category. The real difficulty is getting good advice on what is the essential minimum of good air circulation. 579 more words

Home Energy Efficiency


The only doors you should worry about are external ones or that connect with a cold, uninsulated space, such as a garage or utility room. There are heat losses through the fabric and frame of the door and draughts around the edges and through keyholes and letterboxes. 372 more words

Home Energy Efficiency

Floor Insulation

Heat is lost through the floor, particularly if it is solid (eg stone or concrete with tiles over), or as a result of draughts (eg gaps in a suspended wooden floor). 386 more words

Home Energy Efficiency

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Fidelity Title Phoenix knows that buying or selling a home is a major undertaking, especially financially. We also know that with the rising cost of energy, homeowners are always looking for ways to save money on utilities. 502 more words

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