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Give the Gift of Allowance

Please excuse my lack of postings over the past few weeks. There is a good reason for it though. I promise :) I’ve been dedicating my time to reading the thousands (yes, you read it correctly) the thousands of pages of Reference Material notes, so that I could become a Certified Facilitator in Access Consciousness┬«. 771 more words

'Me' Time

Enslaved by Stuff

When I saw this quote it reminded me why I no longer own my home. As a home owner of an older house I spent many days and nights painting, sanding, washing, tiling, and repairing. 938 more words

Eliminating Toxins from Your Home

You exercise regularly, you eat healthy and done other things to clean your personal environment in your home including ditching BPA bottles, thowing out the Drano and stop using pesticides to kill spiders.   572 more words

Essential Oil Uses

They're Cutting Trees Again

Another row of trees is falling today. My landlord was wandering outside preparing the other rental properties for snowfall. I was getting ready to go out and say hello until I noticed an orange rope tied from one tree to another tree in my side yard. 170 more words

The benefits of using solar energy for your home

There’s absolutely nothing wrong about becoming atmosphere friendly. In reality, our planet needs it really due to the numerous problems it’s presently facing for example climatic change. 575 more words

Lamp Tips


What would a home be without rugs or runners in any form. Whether they are in plastic, modern, oriental, country or made by rags in the traditional way. 94 more words

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