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Reading to your kids makes them smarter!

Parents to small children are familiar with these magical moments of reading a bedtime story. These moments are precious “together” time, when both parent and child sail together into strange new lands, peek into lives of people different yet similar to us, and applaud heroic acts. 465 more words

Children's Books

Parrot and Zinc Toxicity

Recently this came to my mind that it seems zinc toxicity is a very serious problem, yet nobody really advised against feeding parrots food containing zinc ions. 88 more words

Small / Medium parrots and a neat way of distributing spray millet

Do green cheek conures enjoy spray millet? At least our Nono does! Actually we don’t give him much seeds, so when we give him spray millet, it’s like a treat to him. 357 more words

My Last Week of This Semester's Field Experience

On Thursday this week, Ms. White had to call in sick at the last minute, so for the time I spent in her classroom that day it was just me and the assistant teacher for kindergarten while we waited for the substitute, who would usually come in, to get out of a doctor’s appointment. 471 more words

Elementary Education

Too Posh To Wash?

-By Joanna Roughton-

Is cleaning a moral virtue?

If there is an answer, then it is to theologians or ethicists that we might be tempted to turn. 355 more words


A "Shockingly Domestic" Actress On The Red Carpet

It’s a strange thing. We are so conditioned to the idea – the caricature really – of what a Hollywood starlet should be, that we are shocked when they don’t always play by the rules. 408 more words


Emblematic Extravagance: The Homes of Strongmen

Opinion Piece -By Joanna Roughton-

We have been here before. From Baghdad to Bucharest, from Saddam Hussain to Nicolae Ceaucescu. Tyrants or strongmen, forced from office, whose homes become emblematic of the corruption and extravagance of the… 380 more words