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Get Lean: Top secrets for smart people.

Everyone wants it to be easy. They want it now. Time and time again I get asked the secrets to getting lean.
Here you go! 421 more words

Bikini Contest Prep

Fitness Friday - Bodyweight Bootcamp

I decided to torture myself Sunday morning. I was in search of a new 30 minute video and stumbled across this 30 minute bodyweight boot camp. 137 more words


Beginner Stability Ball Workout

Happy Monday!  Here’s an easy to follow workout using only a stability ball.  If you’re just starting an exercise program, it’s good to get into a routine with these type of workouts rather than burn yourself out, injure yourself, or get psyched out by complicated or too intense workouts not really designed for anyone who has been sedentary for a while.  195 more words

Simple But Challenging Beginner Workout

Don’t let time, complicated movement or lack of a gym membership stop you.  I did this workout this morning after a walk, and it was challenging even though I’m used to regular, intense workouts.  83 more words

Home Exercises

Some of the home exercises you can benefit from are aerobics. Instead of paying high fees to visit the gym, practice working out at home. You can find videos, books, guides and more on the Internet or at local bookstores to help you get started with working out at home… 341 more words


My Lifting Journey Part 3: A Whole Lotta Push-Ups

Despite years of lifting and busting my ass, by the time I graduated from high school, I had made very marginal fitness progress. Still, for the first time in my life I was actually beginning to get some attention from girls, which definitely did help me feel a lot better about myself. 518 more words


Home Workout Review: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

The instructor for my bootcamp class is out of town, so I needed to find a way to switch up my fitness routine and stay on track. 319 more words