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10-Minute Bar-Based Core Blaster Workout

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Ab exercises are my fitness kryptonite. As much as I love working out, I go deer-in-headlights at mere mention of the word “sit-up.” 684 more words


Cardio 13 Low

Hi Friends, here is Cardio 13 Low. This is a low impact, high intensity cardio WORKout that is 22 minutes long. Each exercise is 1 minute long and you get a 15 second break in between each exercise. 33 more words

Beach Fitness

Kettle bell exercises, use them to your advantage

The kettlebell is used as a strength and conditioning tool that integrates multi-joint full body movements. If you’re looking for much more than just hypertrophy (increasing the size of your muscles), such as in bodybuilding, but want a lean solid physique that is highly functional, then Kettlebells are for you! 124 more words

Able Physiotherapy


No more excuses!!
When I first got into working out, I didn’t know where to start. The ideal of going to the gym was a bit overwhelming and too costly for me at the time. 394 more words

Self Love

JTW's 28 day squat challenge

EXERCISING in a gym or having PT sessions isn’t always do-able when you have other commitments, but there are no excuses for not making time to exercise at home. 312 more words


Cvičení doma

Ne každý má možnost nebo chuť chodit sportovat ven. Já osobně si myslím, že cvičení doma může mít skvělé výsledky, je však potřeba dodržet určité zásady. 245 more words

Cvičení Doma

Breathless and sweaty!

  • Time: 31 Minutes
  • Equipment: tabata/interval timer
  • Sweat Factor: 5/5

Timer configuration:

  • 30 seconds
  • 10 seconds
  • repeat x 4
  • 30 second rest at the end of the 4th set.
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