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This workout is brought to you by....

So I’ve decided to get creative and fancy pants.  I’m going to start posting pics of outfits, equipment, my supplements, etc.  Why?  For fun.  And education.   340 more words

Exercising is not designed to bore you

Standing in front of the mirror and love yourself is a devine feeling. It means that your physical appearance satisfied you. Physical appearance dose not only means fitness of the body, it also indicates clear and beautiful skin, shiny hair, pimple free face, beautiful smile and the overall outlook. 366 more words

Workout Tips

nwhealth: Simple home fitness tools to help you get moving

Group Health’s newest edition of the Northwest Health Magazine features ASEM’s Dr. Fralich and physical therapist Julea Edwards.  They provide great tips on home fitness tools.  46 more words


Spring Dirt Fever

It’s warming up and I’m pretty excited about it.  The main reason is that I can now start working in my yard! woohoo!  First project of the year is to get my gardening area in the front yard into shape.   359 more words

Home Fitness

Hi There!

Hey All! Yep, I know! I kinda fell off the Earth for a while there. But just so you guys know, I did not literally fall off the Earth! 391 more words


Active Jobs and Weight Loss Maintenance

I had a fairly productive day today!

Kris and I have been practicing getting up early because… I start a new job next week! I’ll need to be there at 8 am everyday, and while I’m used to getting up to take Kris to work by 8:30, I’m not quite used to getting up early enough to get both of us ready and out the door half an hour earlier! 1,301 more words


The 10 minute Workout

Hard to wake up in the morning? besides your usual coffee, try this workout before breakfast to get your metabolism going, you will feel awesome and energized! 23 more words