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Common Confusions with Cannonbell Training   

by Andrew Louis

Cannonbells are not your run of the mill fitness training equipment. Though they have been around the block for a long time, however, not many are privy with the techniques of handling a gym fitness gear like Cannonbell. 386 more words


Benefits Of Cannonbell Workouts   

by Joe Lee Javier

Numerous methods are there, with the help of which you can work out, but if you are opting for some effective way to lose weight, then believe me my friend, Cannonbell workouts are the one of the best for your body. 268 more words


Reasonably Priced As Well As Space-Saving Fitness Equipment Intended For The Healthy Fan Inside The House   

by Jason Lively

Doing exercises along a standard basis is amongst the best stuff you could do to improve your health. Not merely would you burn off excess fats, you’ll in addition end up with a healthier heart, whiter skin, not to mention a more pleased spirits. 475 more words


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Money money money! Now this is a huge factor for a lot of people when it comes to getting in shape. If you have a special someone in your life who’s looking to get into shape, or even just to maintain, instead of forking over hundreds for a gym or studio membership, here’s an idea for a more economical gift: buy a few pieces of equipment that can be used for a home gym. 134 more words

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Rebel against Convention! Alternatives To Your Standard Training Routines  

by Mark De Grasse

Answer this question. When it comes to your fitness routine, are you a sheep that does what everyone else does? Do you follow the latest and greatest or buy the system with the best marketing campaign? 723 more words


Who's CB Training Good For?   

by JJ Lucas

Cannonbells can be a little bit difficult to look at. They have a strange shape, looking like something that came out of the middle ages, or better yet, the Stone Age! 433 more words


Cheap Exercise Equipment For Your Home   

by Mike Hardens

There are many people who want to start working out but who don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on equipment or on a monthly gym membership, especially in the beginning. 1,040 more words