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Challenge #2

It is challenge time again! Are you ready? This month’s is about both fitness and convenience. We have previously put together and posted a home exercise routine. 72 more words


Yoga, Party of One

- Do you find yoga too relaxing?

– Do you find yourself wishing those sun salutations would go faster?

Do you long for someone to yell non-stop during cool down? 228 more words


Dumbbells Versus Cannonbells   

Everyone knows that dumbbells are extremely versatile, suitable for people of any age or level and great for training just about any body part. But over the past few years, cannonbells have been getting a lot of attention. 672 more words


Ditch your scale!

It seems that everyone has that magic number in their head. Their goal weight or a specific amount of weight they wish to lose. I always tell people, “don’t focus on the scale!” Your success is more than just a number. 419 more words

Home Fitness Workouts - What You Should Look For While Choosing Your Home Fitness Workouts?

Lets face it when it comes time to purchase a new fitness workout everyone wants to make sure they get a good one. So what should you look for while choosing your home fitness workouts? 600 more words

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Get Rid of Belly Fat For Good With Home Fitness Workouts

If you are thinking of buying that sauna belt that promised to get you a flat belly, do not fall for it. Just take a walk and see the people walking around with loose belly fat. 270 more words

Weight Management

Common Confusions with Cannonbell Training   

by Andrew Louis

Cannonbells are not your run of the mill fitness training equipment. Though they have been around the block for a long time, however, not many are privy with the techniques of handling a gym fitness gear like Cannonbell. 386 more words