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I found this post on my blog and had to re-blog immediately. It’s beautiful. Just simple lines that can brighten someone’s’ day. Bring a smile to a loved one or inspire/ empower people to live their dreams. 191 more words

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September Catch Up

I realize that it’s been since June that there’s been a post so here’s a little update of what’s been going on.

We Still Have a House… 634 more words

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Thinking about ambition.

Thinking about ambition. I grow eager to move on to the next thing once I feel the challenge of the present has been met. I may still have room to grow, but I no longer feel stressed or challenged by the present circumstances. 478 more words

Home Life

Apple products taking over my life. The MacBook air becomes my baby.

My love, my life. The Apple MacBook Air. 11-inch of pure sexy style and just a simple sign of the times.

I don’t think it’s just me who loves the Apple products. 206 more words


Some words can't be forgotten.

Over a year ago I decided to make the journey to live with my other half, and it’s been great.

For the first year, I didn’t actually work. 342 more words

Home Life

The End of a Chapter

Last night was our last night in our home. All of our furniture is cleared out, there’s nothing but milk in the refrigerator and cereal in the pantry. 167 more words

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Is it a bathroom? Or a laundry mat?

We don’t have a washer and dryer, which is a pain when it comes to laundry as you’d imagine. I mean, who honestly likes lugging several laundry baskets up and down a steep flight of stairs? 225 more words

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