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Another apology

I’ve been busy the last six months. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’ve been thinking about this blog, about work, about my fiancée, about….well, everything. 729 more words

A solution to the toddler-book-decor dilemma: bookshelf reveal!

If you have young children and a yen to decorate you know how young children push you to adapt. I have been in search of a way to store my children’s books. 413 more words

Home Life

A Place To Write

I don’t know about any of you but when I go online I am almost always sitting cozily on my living room chair, legs stretched out on to an ottoman, the cat is on my legs, the laptop is on my lap, a cup of tea is nearby and the tv is on but at a low volume. 907 more words

Home Life

Our Pretty Solid Schedule

Hello, all:) I really need to write more often. I swear in the last month, Eli went from “meh, I’m gonna sorta walk around- to- sprint mode” ! 767 more words

Baby Boy

Christmas time has come and gone

Yesterday, in the Catholic Church, we celebrated the Baptism of Christ, which marks the closing of the Christmas season. For all of you who find yourselves saying, “I just hate Christmas to end” I think the answer is the Catholic way. 785 more words

Home Life

Mason Jars...the Couture of recycling

Now my obsession with these jars can’t be documented! I’m in love in so many ways. It’s started with one I’m now at fifteen and still looking, they are randomly placed with flowers, candles or stuffed with ‘odds and ends’, I have discovered my hoarding passion. 281 more words

Lifestyle Inspiration

Ceremoniously being present

The Greeks are said to have inscribed “Know Thyself” on their ancient temples as a way to invite the people of those times to take a moment with the presences of mind necessary to question their motivations and their actions as they occurred. 662 more words

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