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Are you pre-approved?

Pre-approval is a crucial step in the home hunting process. Some sellers won’t accept offers unless they know a buyer has loan pre-approval. It’s nice to be able to shop with the pre-approval in your pocket. 138 more words

Home Ownership

Credit scoring changes may help you get a loan

Have major medical debts kept you from securing a mortgage? Have you found the terms of loans you’re able to qualify for too expensive? All of that might change soon due to an upgrade to the FICO credit scoring system. 364 more words


The Importance of Being Curtained

I’m pretty sure my new neighbors think I’m a lesbian. They haven’t said anything to me directly but there have been whispers, apparently, that my dad overheard when he was on my front porch and in a neighborhood like this, news travels very quickly from one stoop to the next. 444 more words


Are You a Vacuum or a Washing Machine?

I don’t know much about washing machines. Or slop sinks for that matter. Or why there is a hose that looks like it belongs to a vacuum cleaner running from my new washing machine to my new slop sink (both of which, I should point out, are actually rather antiquated and are only “new” in the sense that they’re new-to-me). 387 more words


Generational Wisdom

Recently I learned of a story of PBS Newshour about a housing community in Oregon where families who adopt foster children live side by side with seniors who volunteer their time in exchange for affordable rent. 248 more words


Share Home Priorities

It starts innocently enough one Saturday morning. Maybe you find yourself wishing you could host family at your house. Maybe you’re already dreading the long Monday morning commute. 374 more words

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Of Credit Cards and Keys

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m at Bank of America. The purpose of my visit is to close out my account and transfer the funds into my Wells Fargo account so that I can draw a cashier’s check for the down payment on my house. 698 more words