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Permission to Dream

One of the casualties of adulthood and all of its responsibilities is the tendency to abandon dreams. It seems as though somewhere in our 30s we begin to submit to the overwhelmingly practical, setting aside the big goals we so easily traded in as kids. 288 more words


These Things Called Doors

This might be a bit odd, but after having spent the past several years living with my parents, my brother, my grandmother and occasionally my… 450 more words


Rookie Mistake #1: How Not to Pack Books

Who knew that packing to move was such an art? I thought I had it down: labeling ALL sides of each box, listing not only the contents but the final destination (living room, bedroom or the soon-to-be-Lady-Hoofers-World-Headquarters), and writing “fragile” on my collection of centerpiece vases stolen from the Sugarhouse Casino. 289 more words


The Dream House, Revisited

I know, I know. It’s been an entire week since my last blog post. I can say only this: I am sorry. And I promise to make it up to you with several very juicy bits later this week but in the meantime, let’s talk about home buying, shall we? 475 more words


Adventures in Dumpster Diving

You’ll never believe what I found! But first: it’s been three weeks. Three weeks since I was supposed to close on my dream house in Kensington-though-I’ve-been-telling-everyone-Fishtown and STILL NO HOUSE. 1,090 more words


The Joys of Home Ownership

Last Tuesday we had a storm come through with some pretty high winds. We have several very large trees that stand very close to our house and very close to our neighbors fence. 172 more words


Another Revelation, This Time in Paint Samples

I have a thing for paint samples. I don’t why, but I love looking at them, collecting them and laughing at the funny names the paint color people come up with (Forbidden Mango, Flamingo Passion, Ultra White, Historic Preservation Trust Colonial Blue). 528 more words