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Five Statistical Facts about Justin Upton

When I visited Justin Upton’s Baseball-Reference page to look up some of his statistics I was surprised at how hollow many were. For the praise he gets at times for being one of the best offensive outfielders in baseball, Upton has underperformed quite a bit. 305 more words


Five Statistical Facts about Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn, the man known as “Big Donkey,” retired after the 2014 season. A career best remembered for hitting monstrous home runs and having even stronger strikeouts has come to a close. 362 more words


Reggie Jackson (1987 - Topps #300)

Reginald Martinez “Reggie” Jackson (Mr. October) played in the outfield for 21 years with 5 different teams (Kansas City/Oakland A’s 1967-’75, Baltimore Orioles 1976, New York Yankees 1977-’81, California Angels 1982-’86, and, again, ending with the Oakland Athletics in 1987). 103 more words

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Five Statistical Facts about Ian Kinsler

Since debuting in 2006, few second basemen have been better than Ian Kinsler. He hits doubles, has good power, and steals bases. The guy does everything you would need a top of the order guy to do and more. 436 more words


Five Statistical Facts about Babe Ruth

You can’t spell baseball without Babe Ruth. Well, in English you can. I meant this more in a metaphorical way. No one in the history of the sport was more popular than he was. 356 more words


Top Moment of the Marlins’ 2014 Season: #4

4 – August 11th – The Human Highlight Reel - Is this guy even human? This was a spectacular, standing-ovation-from-the-fans type of night for MVP runner-up, Giancarlo Stanton, offensively and defensively against the St. 144 more words

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Five Statistical Facts about Lance Berkman

The face of the Houston Astros after the Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio days was Lance Berkman. A power hitter who never quite got the recognition he deserved, Berkman was a constant threat in the lineup. 349 more words