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Slowing Down to Speed Up

“I don’t want my children’s education to be so fast-paced and so abstract that there is not time to meditate on the fantastical. I do not want them to treat glorious facts as mundane.”

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"Homeschool weird"

So, have you ever met a homeschool kid who is just not right? A kid who’s just weird. I call that unfortunate symptom “homeschool weird… 289 more words

Home School

Our lot.

We live in town so in order to get the kids into nature (and get a little R&R for my hubby and I) we leased a river lot. 167 more words

Home School

Our school station.

We live in a basement apartment. We don’t have much. It goes to show anyone can home school. This is where we do our work sometimes.

Home School


Our children are being exploited. This exploitation must be stopped. This time I am not speaking about Stacy Lynne or Monika Wesolowski, both mothers, who have had their children ripped away from them in political retaliation for their beliefs. 2,013 more words


Lots and Lots of Trains Review and Giveaway

Lots and Lots of Trains is the perfect Dvd set for any child, teen, or adult who loves trains. With hours  and 300 shots (plus) worth of trains, it is bound to please! 1,889 more words

K5 Learning Online

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try K5 Learning with my daughter (5) and I can not say enough about it. It is a great program for homeschooling families with any children in the Kindergarten to Fifth grade levels to use in conjunction with their curriculum, or even for families with children who are “bored” or are under-stimulated,¬† or are struggling in math or English in school. 946 more words