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Lost in a Sea of Ordinary

After a long day I came home and took a nap. Three hours later it was 11 o’clock and my phone was screeching in my ear with my dad’s name on the screen. 235 more words

How I Feel

US youngest-ever chess master - Sam Sevian, 13

TSMFL would like to wish Sam Sevian the best for the future. We also acknowledge the dedication of his mother Mrs Sevian and note that sponsorship is an issue. 1,021 more words


home schooled: Postalco

In 2000, Mike Abelson, who was a bag designer in New York, noticed that his wife (a graphic designer) was having difficulty carting around A4 size papers. 179 more words


dress code: KILLSPENCER

KILLSPENCER is an LA-based company founded by industrial designer Spencer Nikosey. The concept was simple: to bring a high level of performance, functionality and quality to everything that he designed. 188 more words


Who Am I?

Identity crisis.

It’s a phrase commonly associated with middle-aged men…and with teenagers.

Right now, it’s a phrase associated with me – a thirty-year-old woman.

Two weeks ago, I went to the high school graduation of one of the students I taught at the private Christian school between 2008-2011.   835 more words

Memories - My Education (Or Lack Thereof)

I was fifteen and curled up in the corner of the couch.  On my lap was Saxon’s Algebra 1/2.  I had finished the laundry and cooking for the day and I was trying to work on my school.   1,042 more words

Behind The Scenes Of Summer With Cimorelli: Home Schooled -- Watch Now!

Get ready to go behind the scenes of Summer with Cimorelli as you get a peek into the personal lives of the sisters.

In this behind the scenes video, Cimorelli talks about being home schooled. 24 more words

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