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In His Time

So much pain in this world. People are losing jobs, security of education, dealing with the death of children, dealing with the loss of movement, sickness, cancer, debilitating migraines….. 117 more words


Being A "Good Citizen" in the USA Does Not Equate To Being A Good Person ( or a White Nationalist)


After dealing with drama in my son’s last two schools, which included bullying by Die Versity in its adult and child forms, I have decided to homeschool him and I am going to keep doing it till he reaches his teens.  341 more words

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Viking Bitch's post is priceless for its insights into the mind of a racially aware White mother. I'll add that while she admits to not being a good citizen in this clusterfreak of a FUBAR country, many others are "not" good citizens either: patriots, gun owners, conservatives, Christians, traditionalists, and so many more. We're probably half the population, but with open borders in the USA, we're sinking fast as a percent of the population. The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves. They died so we could allow turds to sh*t all over their legacy.

Intentional Fun with Playdough

As I posted in the Home school Tab (above), we try to make everything we do here at Blessed Hope Farm serve multiple purposes.

Playdough is no exception.   164 more words

A Mother's Journal

A successful alternative to school

Just reposting a few points about home education for those who might be considering this option.

-          Contrary to what many parents believe learning can occur in a myriad of different ways not just the way they do it in school.  523 more words

Are You Smarter Than A Fourth Grader?

What is the deal with fourth grade?  I feel like I have been stuck in perpetual fourth grade for about 10 years now.  In fact, I know I have.   927 more words


Back from Spain and on With the Show!

Hi all!  We’re back from our wonderful holiday in Spain.  Lots of sun, relaxing, coffee and food!

And now it’s on with the show…

While we were away we had our hallway and landing replastered and although it looks fantastic the mess from the plaster dust was on EVERYTHING in the house. 533 more words

Home Education


This is proving to be extremely challenging too many parents. If it’s not the food that is filled with GMOs, school systems where any child who talks too much or gets bored and fidgety gets quickly diagnosed with ADHD it’s amazing how many parents still manage to maintain their sanity. 373 more words

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