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Another approach to learning

There was a little piece about Home Education on Radio Five Live the other morning and an interview with the Meek family.

They’re taking a year to travel with their children to enrich their education. 482 more words

Go to Work

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  • Why do adults go to work?
  • Does anyone really like work?
  • What do you think most people would do if they didn’t have to go to work?
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The Question of Socialization

When I started homeschooling in 2001 I found myself on the fringe of society. I know, that sounds extreme, but it was a reality that my children and I faced with every visit to the store (in the middle of the day), most family events and community events. 976 more words


High School Homeschooling Tip of the Day (Oct 22nd)

Before your children leave your home, teach them to be financially responsible. Budgeting is simply dividing income into smaller pieces and distributing it among necessary (and sometimes unnecessary) expenses. 245 more words

Home Schooling

Every Day Is A Gift...Normal Is Simply Amazing....Jesus Is Grace!

Birthdays come and birthdays go.  Children eagerly count down the days to their birthdays with unbridled enthusiasm.  We adults…not so much.  Birthdays sometimes lose the thrill for us because, well…who really looks forward to getting old?   538 more words


One of Those Days

Today, was just one of those days.

It was one of those days where the dogs barking seemed louder and the house felt darker.

It was one of those days where the laundry pile seemed taller and the incoming dirty dishes seemed continuous. 153 more words


High School Homeschooling Tip of the Day (Oct 21st)

Let your high school students take ownership of their education. This is a simple statement that takes quite a bit of time to finally accomplish. What I mean to say is that the process of handing the responsibility over to your student is done gradually rather than in one fell swoop. 297 more words

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