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Home work for 28-7-14

Eng: Re read the lesson on pg 46-47 of MG. Do Q1 of ws.

Maths: Do pg 98-99 of MM.

Hindi: Recite poem on pg 39 of RJ. And do Q1 of ws.


Historical Girl II

At last, here is Addy modeling a Civil War era dress designed for a young girl.

Addy is an American Girl doll who is meant to represent this era–she and her mother are depicted as escaped slaves.  170 more words

Home Work

Homework of 25-7-14

Eng-pg 11,12 of Cursive.
Hindi-Q2 of w/s
Maths-Complete the sums in the maths NB


Homework of 24-7-14

Eng-Q2 of w/s
Maths-pg 82 of WB
Evs-Q1 of GK of w/s


Home work for 23-7-14

Eng- Q. 3 of worksheet

Hindi- Pg 36 of Rhimjhim

Maths- Pg 92 of maths workbook

Home Work