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I Stayed In and I Went Out


Jason got home this morning from Columbus and the boys were so happy to see him.

Can you tell? :)

I felt super bad about taking Ryan to the gym when he hadn’t seen his daddy for three days. 433 more words


Wedding Workout: Week Twelve- Monday and Tuesday

WEEK TWELVE! WEEK TWELVE! WEEK TWELVE! I HAVE MADE IT TO WEEK TWELVE! If you can’t tell I’m excited. Things are looking up. I’m stronger and feeling energized. 88 more words


Simple Stretching Techniques

Are you currently at a loss for what to do for stretching? Well all have done it growing up, and even through adulthood the standard TOSS your hands in the air and feel your back lengthen and your airways expand…. 27 more words

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Wedding workout:Week Eleven

Week ten was pretty difficult. Since I’m getting back from an injury, I’ve decided to repeat week ten! Better to get strong and back and shape, then to push myself too hard like before. 245 more words


If It Doesn't Challenge You It Doesn't Change You

Now, is that really the case?

I believe, that just having a nice healthy slow-paced start into exercise for the more intimidated individual, or for the person who is coming out of therapy or sickness, is a  better approach and in the long run, your gains will be extraordinary. 177 more words

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Workout per i giorni pigri

Fuori piove, non avete nessuna voglia di andare in palestra e men che meno di uscire per una corsetta?

Nessun problema! Potete allenarvi comodamente in casa! 130 more words

Allenamento In Casa