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Abs Like Brit

Britney Spears that is. There was a time in my life, 2001-2002 to be exact, when I had a slight obsession with having abs like Britney Spears. 208 more words

Nap-time leg workout

Here is a great at home leg workout while baby is sleeping! You can add weights to any of these or simple use your body weight! 19 more words

Health And Fitnes

Yoga on the Cheap (Read: For Free)

While I’m more than happy to pay for yoga (it’s hard to find a more lovely community of people to support), I haven’t found a studio in Ann Arbor that I’ve totally jived with yet, so I’ve been primarily practicing at home. 175 more words

No Gym? No Problem

Driving through my town the other day, I noticed that there were quite a few workout facilities around.  They weren’t on every corner like Starbucks and McDonald’s, but that was probably due to the fact that they take up a couple of blocks in themselves. 810 more words


One-Song Workouts

Who’s heard of these? So fun, right? Just as the name suggests, One-Song Workouts take a song and assign a little workout circuit for you to complete while listening to it. 80 more words

Chest & Triceps Home Workout


This is one of my favorite workouts:

1.  You can do it ANYWHERE. (Living room, park, or hotel room).

2.  No equipment necessary.

3.  Chest, triceps, and core BURNER! 114 more words


How to Tighten and Firm Your Buns and Thighs

The following exercises will help reduce sagging, target tone, and shape up.

Skaters:  Skaters are excellent exercises to tone butt and thighs. Skaters are easy to do and can be done at low or high intensity. 400 more words

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