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Curve Balls

Telenovelas ain’t got nothing on us at the moment. This week is having more twists and turns than a soap opera.

This week we received news from our landlord that due to the property manager in charge not fixing the place up as it should have been and a massive lift bill, he’s decided to call it quits and sell the apartment in June. 416 more words


Is Fat All There Is? No There Are Friends To Remind You It's Not! Thank You Friends.

I have had a bad couple of weeks.  I gained 5 lbs in those two weeks.  It made me so depressed.  But then There was… 175 more words

Weight Loss

Update to gym brag...

This is not a brag. It is a confession. I’ve only been to the gym twice in three weeks. I do have an excuse though; I’ve injured my shoulder. 339 more words

Random Stuff

Weekend Lessons To Be Learnt #2

#2 Sleep: Need for rest, recovery, dreams, better organisation and happy Nat.

The weekend didn’t go to plan, not that there was a plan anyway. Just to get out the house in the afternoon, which we/I didn’t because yours truly’s last week slipped back in to old sleeping habits. 780 more words


Game on - The Fitness Blender Day 1 Workout Challenge is live

Day 1 of the Fitness Blender 5 Day Challenge is a 40 minute workout that targets the lower body (butt and thighs). Soon will be workout complete!


I'm in for the Fitness Blender's Free 5 Day Challenge

Fitness Blender’s Free 5 Day Challenge starts today! Kelli and Daniel announced to be bringing a 5 day combination of HIIT, strength training, Pilates, yoga, and cardio to jumpstart our fitness goals. 25 more words


April Frenzy: Day 11

Good day everyone, To just get this over with, today I weigh in at 65.7 which is a huge difference from 66.9 of yesterday. If only my weight would go down like this everyday, but I suspect it has something to do with water weight not my actual mass going down. 255 more words