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Happy Thanksgiving & Cheat Meals

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends today, I’m thankful for my loving wife and kids who support me everyday.

It’s that time of year in general plenty of eating and drinking going on, not just in America but everywhere.   967 more words



Whether you workout at home or in the gym, strength training is very important for so many reasons. If you’re reading this them you’re likely trying to acquire optimal health and get the most out of the life you’ve been blessed with. 813 more words


Gliding and Suspension Training

As a fitness professional and enthusiast, I am ALWAYS looking to try new exercises and pieces of equipment to add variety to both my and my clients’ workouts.  265 more words

Lifting Weights

Simple Stretching Techniques

Are you currently at a loss for what to do for stretching? Well all have done it growing up, and even through adulthood the standard TOSS your hands in the air and feel your back lengthen and your airways expand…. 27 more words

At Home Gym

If It Doesn't Challenge You It Doesn't Change You

Now, is that really the case?

I believe, that just having a nice healthy slow-paced start into exercise for the more intimidated individual, or for the person who is coming out of therapy or sickness, is a  better approach and in the long run, your gains will be extraordinary. 177 more words

At Home Gym

P90X2 Day 6 - X2 Balance & Power

736 calories burned in 63 minutes. That’s the power of this workout, by far the biggest burn this week and what a workout. Again pure core engagement throughout the workout. 318 more words


Let's talk about P90X Yoga & some alternatives

It’s hard if not impossible to have a conversation with anyone who has attempted or completed P90x without complaints arising surrounding Yoga. That’s my experience anyway, it is a behemoth at 90 minutes long and is by far the longest of any workout. 477 more words