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Chest and Triceps- 9.17.14

Chest and Triceps: 9.17.14

*Chest Press

*Open Chest Fly’s

*Bench Press (Close Grip)

*Triceps Kickback

*Triceps Dips

You can do these exercises at the gym or at home. 69 more words


Monday Mindset

Ok.. So I haven’t journaled and here’s why. I’ve been trying to determine how I am going to do this. What’s my routine? Am I going to meal prep? 265 more words

Jillian Michaels: Beginner Shred Review

Jillian Michaels has a new fitness DVD out this month geared more for beginners or for those who are restarting their fitness routine again.  Even though I’m a fitness trainer myself, I still do beginner workouts every 6 weeks to work on my form and to really get in the full range of motion of the exercises. 434 more words


If we could feel ourselves at 90

I wrote this article because it common for me to hear comments like,”I just want to enjoy my life, and exercise and eating proper is not enjoyable.”  Or, “I feel O.K., exercising is what hurts.”  And my favorite, “Everyone in my family is healthy”.   1,313 more words


Pilates Sideline Series

At Home Exercise 2: Sideline Series

I my previous post I talked about Pilates planks. Pilates has various forms of exercises that use all your muscles. 613 more words


Pilates Planks

At Home Exercise 1: Planks

Planks are one of the most beneficial work outs. Planks work a lot of the muscles on your body: you core, arms, back, and legs. 615 more words