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The Best Exercises To Do From Home

Not everyone has a gym membership and that’s okay!  You can still see fantastic results by doing compound exercises from home.  Compound exercises are exercises that incorporate multiple muscles groups at the same time.   168 more words

Phil Despain

Burpee Variation w/ Plank

This burpee variation doesn’t look like much, but it is! Getting up from the plank position becomes tiring and really starts to burn in the arms and shoulders. 17 more words


Today's Move: Dead Bug Core Exercise

Here’s a great core move that works for all fitness levels — the Dead Bug!

Try 3 sets of 12-20 reps.


Stay Consistent With Home Workouts

One of the tricks that I use to stay consistent is home workouts. I definitely prefer to go to the gym, because they have way more of a variety of equipment available. 656 more words

The Couch Potato Workout

Are you sitting on the couch right now watching TV, surfing the web, and haven’t done your workout yet today?  *Do these 10 exercises now to train the entire body during your commercial breaks! 427 more words


Summer Arms Workout

Whether you are wearing a strapless dress in a wedding, putting on a bikini, or just want more definition in your arms, this workout is designed to burn your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. 185 more words