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Sneak In Exercise

Sometimes you just don’t have an hour or even 30 minute chunk of time to commit to a full fledged workout, whether it be a baby who doesn’t nap (my first did that til he was 9 months, no joke), or a job that doesn’t allow much of a break and leaves you too tired for a full fledged workout at the end of the day. 315 more words


Squats are a Girl’s Best Friend

In my ongoing search for new workouts I’ve found my next fitness endeavor.  This squat circuit challenge will certainly be a test of strength and definitely commitment.  384 more words

Home Workouts

Getting Weighty

You’ve just moved to a new city, you don’t have any friends, you aren’t working and you’re living in someone else’s house. What do you do to pass the time? 707 more words

Boulder Shoulders

Thanks to Arnold for fueling todays shoulder workout…  I picked up this bad boy at this years Arnold Sports Festival where 8 of my teammates competed… 10 more words


why I quit the gym

For a little time last year, I was a member of a gym.  I joined for the pool.  I was training for a marathon and had gotten injured.  388 more words

Life In General

Agility Fitness Drill: 1 Foot Still

Agility training will help build your speed, quickness, and coordination for any activity you do. This means that all ages should be doing some sort of agility work, it’s not only for the young athletes. 146 more words

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Adlab is over... Now what do I do?

Adlab was a major time commitment. Anyone who has known anyone taking this integrated marketing communications capstone course at Ithaca College has heard or seen the effects… The majority of my weekends were spent on campus and sometime around the plans book due date I stopped sleeping. 738 more words