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While We Wait

After a quick double check on the calendar I realized that tomorrow is bottling day!  With my first batch of anything ever brewed/fermented ready to be put away, I knew I needed to practice. 99 more words

Samford Valley Show Results

We picked up the ribbons and score sheets for our show entries yesterday afternoon. The score sheets pretty much line up with how we thought we’d go. 324 more words

Homebrew Adventures

Farmhouse IPA: Tasting Notes

After 2 weeks of fermentation, 5 days of dry hopping, and 2 months of keg conditioning, the Farmhouse IPA is tasting great. Beginning in late spring with the onset of hot Texas weather, I was inspired to make a hop-forward saison-like beer for the summertime. 557 more words

Apartment Brewing

Cerveza de trigo de concentrado lupulizado Brewferm Tarwebier.

Tras hacer y probar mi primer kit lupulizado brewferm pils, hice el kit de abadía y el triple, después ya estaba lanzado y me decidí por hacer uno de los estilos de cerveza que más me gusta, que es la cerveza de trigo. 612 more words


Black and Orange

If you haven’t noticed already, yes, I went a bit overboard on the pumpkin beer in 2011. This third beer from that Fall was not actually a fully separate batch, but a blend of two other batches. 247 more words


Let's go to the Hop...

Yesterday’s mash finally cooled enough to pitch my yeast at around 3.30pm today – a full 24-hours after I shut down the boiler. 

After pouring off a jug-full of cloudy, sludgy, trub-infused liquor, out came the sweet stuff. 416 more words


The Black Box is Beyond Cool... and Hot!

There are a lot of really cool homebrewing products out there, but it’s not often something comes along that is both more useful than what already exists  1,137 more words

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