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July 11 '44 Tues. 11:30 P.M.

Hello Honey –

I’m just starting this letter tonite but will finish it in the morning. I just don’t feel right if I don’t at least write you a line at nite. 501 more words

Warm and cozy: New law opens possibilities for those who want to heat with wood

Montreal is poised to pass new rules on residential wood-burning fireplaces. From an environmental and health perspective, the new rules are a coup.

They also open up new possibilities for homeowners who want to keep burning wood, albeit options that are strictly limited based on rates of particulate released — a factor known to significantly impact Montreal’s air quality. 960 more words


Shelter: Jean Talon Market kicked off the search for a Villeray apartment

Teresa Lunsford is an expatriate American who has been in Montreal for more than 15 years. Lunsford, who has a background in real estate — she was a property manager in California — currently works for the MIGroup, as the director of destination services. 747 more words


Housewarming: Soon-to-be Snowbird's Florida home set up to shine

Oh, the weather outside is stormy. These words from a song describe the view from my art studio window. For a respite from the annoying recent ice storm, chilly winds, blowing snow blizzards, shovelling, de-icing, backaches and insufficient daylight, I chose to work on this home from Florida. 765 more words


A Journey to be Continued...

Last year a couple of my dear friends and I attempted to start a blog together.  But seeing as we are all mom’s of 3 high energy kids, homeschoolers, and everything else in between… we just were never actually able to finish the journey that we started.   100 more words

July 10 '44 Mon. 10:45 P.M.

Hello Darling!

I meant to start this letter a lot earlier but the time goes so fast in the evening. We all sat out in front of Dot’s & talked til about ten then went to Geo. 776 more words

July 9, '44 Sun. 8:P.M.

Hello Sweetheart!

I have the radio on & Readers’ Digest just came on – it makes me think of the Sundays we listened to it in Ogden at Mom’s. 356 more words