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A Cop Killing And A Beheading: How Fox News Picks And Chooses Its "Terrorism" Targets

Interesting reading that highlights the selective nature of FoxNews from the folks at Media Matters for America

Fox News is increasingly fixating on the gruesome… 1,257 more words


Breitbart, by THOMAS ROSE, Sep. 30, 2014:

If one is looking for reasons why Washington has become so caustic, divisive and bitter, look no further than retiring Attorney General Eric Holder. 732 more words

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Megyn Kelly: Suspect Nolen Shouted Islamic Phrases During Attack

Truth Revolt, by  Caleb Howe:

On Fox’s The Kelly File on Friday evening, the host dedicated extensive coverage to the beheading in Oklahoma that took place on Thursday. 151 more words

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"Sharia Law Is Coming!": Oklahoma Beheader Supported Stoning Women, Hated Christianity, Called America And Israel "Wicked"

No surprise there. After all, it has everything to do with Islam …

Qur’an Sura 18:26, “ maketh none to share in his government.”

Qur’an Sura 9:30, “… the Christians say, ‘The Messiah is the son of .’ … May Allah destroy them …” 525 more words

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‘SHARIA LAW IS COMING!!!!’ Oklahoma Beheader Celebrated Terrorists, Disparaged Non-Muslims On Facebook

By Patrick Howley:

Oklahoma beheading suspect Alton Alexander Nolen calls himself “Jah’Keem Yisrael” on his Facebook page, where he uploaded photos of himself reading the Koran and wearing Muslim religious clothing. 424 more words

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Oklahoma: Convert To Islam "Attacking Employees At Random" Beheads Woman During Stabbing Spree

What is it about Islam that makes beheading a Muslim’s preferred method of murder?

Qur’an Sura 8:12b, “… terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” 584 more words

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Street Gang Violence in the U.S.: Another Form of Home Grown Terrorism

by R2Charlie

The U.S. is spending millions of dollars overseas to combat a form of violence fueled by religious intolerance, sectarianism, political marginalization, chauvinism and socio-economic inequality. 1,081 more words

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