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Majority of Canadians worry about domestic terrorism, according to new survey

Results are not that surprising, given recent events, and given that civil liberties rarely do well in public polling.

But encouraging that people recognize the importance of prevention and the contributing role of mental illness and marginalization: 158 more words


Intel memo shows NYC ax attacker's online obsession with radical Islam

Fox News, By Catherine Herridge:

EXCLUSIVE: The suspect in the Oct. 23 hatchet attack on two New York City cops had been searching online for jihadist propaganda and foreign terror organizations — as well as information on martyrdom and suicide bombings — in the weeks leading up to the assault, according to a city counterterrorism bureau intelligence assessment obtained by Fox News. 651 more words

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Al Qaeda’s 6-Year Descent Into Obscurity – Tom Wyld

Editor’s Note –  About the author: A former Navy Commander, Tom Wyld has served since 2008 as director of intelligence for a private security firm specializing in Naval Special Warfare training and operational support.  770 more words

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By Jim Hanson:

How many lone wolf attacks will it take to get the media, liberals and our fearless leaders in DC to admit they are connected and they are all committed by Islamist extremists. 66 more words

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Report: ISIS Recruiting in Minneapolis?

CBN, by Erick Stakelbeck:

I recently went on the ground in the Somali neighborhoods of Minneapolis to report on the alarming number of young people there who are traveling overseas to join ISIS. 24 more words

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Canada: Ottawa Killer Made Video Vowing To "Act In The Name Of Allah" Prior To Shooting Spree

Just like the suicide operatives we often see throughout the Muslim world …

Qur’an Sura 9:111a, “… they fight in the cause of Allah , so they kill and are killed …” 450 more words

Radical Islam

The Lone-Wolf Canard

No one self-radicalizes. Terrorists are radicalized by a scripturally based doctrine.

By Andrew C. McCarthy:

In Modern Times, his sweeping history of the 20th century, Paul Johnson recounts how Einstein’s theory of relativity, a strictly scientific principle, was contorted into… 1,091 more words