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I was raised by parents who had grown up in a time when families provided for their own basic needs. My mother and father, children of immigrants, survived the Great Depression and knew how to make something out of nearly nothing. 741 more words

From The Cavalier County Republican

Homegrown Veggies - Chili and pumpkin

I am a fan of spicy flavors, so chili is one of the ingredients I use in almost every dish. To cultivate it is actually pretty easy, especially if you live in a hot climate with a lot of sun. 227 more words


Growing Green Onions

We started growing some green onions in the garden last year and I realized I never blogged about it! So here it is…

You can grow green onions in a couple of ways – through seeds or sets. 359 more words

Gardening Adventures

Weaving old and new, Tobacco and Permaculture

Nicotiana tabacum has long roots, dating back to ceremonial and medicinal use by Native Americans. Once the new world was colonized it quickly grew to be a huge part of the early American economy and it’s use spread throughout the world. 328 more words


seeds of change.

If the ginger doesn’t work out, at least I have little nibs of parsley that are starting to grow!  It is amazing and humbling to watch the transformation of nature, especially when it happens in a little clay pot on my windowsill.   6 more words

Looky Look!

rester focus.

seit über einem jahr existiert dieser experimentalraum meiner journalistischen tätigkeit nun bereits mit wechselndem erfolg. zeit, das konzept zu überdenken und insbesondere eine zukunftsidee zu entwickeln. 320 more words

Mildy Important, Very Relevant

The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival Schedule is posted! The Festival runs from Sunday April 27 to Sunday May 4 and features bands from all over the Northland! 207 more words