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Hanging On in the Garden - Loudly

Normally the fuschias would be sleeping in our greenhouse or solarium by now, but this year they’re still outside, partying on. It’s because we’ve had an unusually warm fall so far: I don’t think our night time temperatures have yet dipped below 10 degrees (50 Fahrenheit). 281 more words


Friendly Only Goes so Far

Canada learned again this week that they are just as much part of “The Infidel” as the United States.  As far as the Saracen is concerned, our ruddy-cheeked cousins to the North are decadent perverts fit only for death.   890 more words


Allotment Life

Well, quite a lot has been happening since I posted about my new allotment – you can read about that here if you want to catch up. 291 more words


Garden update

A little round up of what is still growing in the garden as we head into the colder half the year at the end of the harvest. 248 more words


where to start...

…or restart rather?

it’s been far too long since I’ve posted, yet again. I’m really not very good at this whole blog thing, but I’m going to get better! 137 more words

Abella Jane

"Good Neighbours" are won with shortbread

I did it.

I’m so proud of myself, I feel like I need a reward now. A celebratory pat on the back perhaps?

I’ll admit, there probably wasn’t a need for the shortbread, but it was probably seen as a nice touch. 102 more words


My plants

Here are a few of the plants I’m growing in my bedroom. Jackfruit trees, lemon trees, peas, a grean onion, herbs, etc.