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Window Shopping: in love with clouds and the far horizon

Taken near Clunes, Victoria, on a beautiful blueskycloudy day.

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Car + Shadow: a strange fondness

Taken with little thought with my phone camera, I am strangely very fond of this image – there’s something appealing to me about the jaunty angle of the vehicle: the crispness off the edge of its shadow, and the scattering of leaves in the dark area on the ground. 7 more words


La Vie et la Mort: further explorations

Following the previous project, I decided to elaborate by switching back to using my PEN, while sticking to the square format, then importing the images to my phone so I could process the shots using the Vignette app, as before. 17 more words


Life and Death: autumn in my garden

Feeling inspired by an article in Black + White Photography magazine, I ambled about my garden today looking for contrasting and textural images using my android smart phone and Vignette app, then combined them as a collage in Picasa.

Country Rambles

Not a fan of April Fools Day

Today is April Fool’s Day. It’s a joyful, mischievous cultural holiday celebrated in several countries by telling jokes, misleading others for amusement, and staging pranks on people. 537 more words


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Today I was reflecting on the theme of "Silliness" for a daily photography challenge that I'm participating in this month, over on instagram (instagram.com/melanieylang). I am, and have always been, somewhat uncomfortable with what I perceive as "silly" behaviour in others, even though I'm not beyond a bit of silliness myself. So when someone made a joking comment today about me playing an April Fools Day prank, my reaction was a little extreme, which then sent me scurrying to the internet to see what's been written by others with AS about their tolerance for tomfoolery. It seems I am in good company; I found this blog post, and forwarded it to the person whose comments I had found challenging, which she took in good grace. I didn't need to do that for her, so much as for myself in my all-consuming need to not be misunderstood, and to provide others with knowledge to allow them to judge me fairly. What about you, what do you think of April Fools Day, and pranks in general?