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Sony and the hypocrisy of Uncle Sam

Movie theater chains bowed down to terrorism and then Sony caved, too. These were the wrong moves. However, in my estimation, the more despicable move is by BO in decrying what Sony and the theaters did. 133 more words

Obama White House stands by free speech in Sony hacking scandal

“The U.S. government has yet to reveal what evidence they have of a “linkage” between North Korea and the Nov. 24 hacking attack on Sony Entertainment but they are considering a “range of options” in response, according to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.” 19 more words

Liars Vs Truthers

First the IRS, now CIA, Homeland Security to Delete Most of Their Emails. The Government Has No Right To Secrecy.

The Obama Administration ended up pitting efficiency against transparency when it ordered federal agencies to streamline email management systems by 2016. Both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have found an opportunity to just delete most emails they have stored, though they claim different reasons. 12 more words

Liars Vs Truthers


Cold War Frozen?

The United States and Cuba are ending more than 50 years of suspicion and hostility with both countries agreeing to resume diplomatic relations for the first time since 1961, … 248 more words

National Security And Defense

Feds charge five illegal aliens arrested in Central Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, PA (WPMT) The U.S. Attorney in Harrisburg files separate charges against five aliens who are in the United States illegally.  All five were arrested in Central Pennsylvania. 334 more words


Are We No Longer The Land of The Free?

Written by Lourdes Bernabe

With Sony’s confirmation that they have no plans in place to release their comedic film, ‘The Interview’ I have to ask, has the United States of America somehow been consumed by North Korea? 426 more words