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Homeland Security Chief On Texas Border After Immigration Order

McALLEN, Texas (AP) – Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has told Border Patrol agents in Texas that enforcement priorities are realigning after President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration. 178 more words


Obama Rhetoric

According to Obama, sending millions of people who broke the law to get here back from where they came would be “contrary to our character.” But I guess hanging our soldiers out to dry, mandating how we spend our money under threat of punishment, holding people without due process, encouraging banks to cheat us, waging war without consent of the people or congress, and skirting the legislative process in the name of ‘homeland security’ IS in our character. 14 more words

Executive Order

Emperor B. Hussein Violates Constitution, Immigration Laws, Grants Blanket Amnesty to 5 Million Illegals

Obama has just violated the Constitution and the law for the upteenth fucking time.

“I’ve got a whole drawer full of royal edicts.”

Obama will sign an executive order granting “deferred action” to two groups of people — the illegal alien parents of anchor babies and illegal spawn who were brought into the country as of 2010.  1,395 more words


BlackEnergy malware threat has some cybersecurity experts uneasy

A malicious software dubbed BlackEnergy has intrigued and frightened cybersecurity experts, in part because of its intent and in part because of its origin.

BlackEnergy is designed to target critical energy infrastructure and is believed to have originated with Russian government-sponsored hackers. 1,181 more words

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