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Why Homeless People Make Me Twitch

My cousin is homeless.  She has been for about seven years.  And she deserves it.

Let me digress for a moment.  D lived in a house with her mother and father which had been paid for by her grandmother.   1,054 more words


No One Turned Away.

With homelessness on the rise again, this winter is set to be a tough one for those who aren’t as lucky as you and I (judging by the fact you can read this, therefore have internet access…) There are endless sources online discussing the numbers of homeless, but in all honesty it is hard to track. 829 more words



Arriving in a rural Georgia town, my husband announced that he forgot to bring his medication with him. We went to a pharmacy to get a small supply for the days we would be away. 355 more words



What is one advice you could give to a large group of people?

“The best advice I could give you brother is to believe in god, there is a higher power. 327 more words


Willie King

What is one regret you have in life?

“One regret I have is I should have gotten a better job like construction or something.”



I’m new to this town. I’ve just recently become a Florida gator and the atmosphere here makes me feel more at home than ever before. Although I’ve noticed it’s not like that for everyone in the area. 193 more words