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How awesome is my hometown?!

I was born in a small town called Russellville, Arkansas. I am currently enrolled in classes here at Arkansas Tech University. My class in which this blog is for, Introduction to Mass Communication being one of them. 123 more words


Bag Lady

And she’s sifting through the garbage
Clutching papers in her hand
She hears salvation army
Preaching ’bout that promised land

Walking down the city
See a big bright light… 172 more words


Let Me Tell You About Rodney (or We Need to Talk About Rodney)

So this is a couple weeks old now, but anyway…

Yesterday was terrible. I woke up in a Klonopin funk at 3am, stumbling around my house in a daze, and then up late for work, and the busiest day… The train home was so delayed I decided to walk the last eight blocks instead… Hate and rage built up inside me (so funny looking back on it now, only days later).  357 more words


People often say to me “I don’t know if you are religious or I don’t know if you belive in God but…” And so I wanted to clear things up a little. 329 more words

So today was the birthday of Supporting the Streets, we managed to feed 11 homeless people across the centre of Manchester. Today’s main course was tomato pasta with a serving of bacon, followed by a choice of biscuits.

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I am having withdrawals again and so my body is telling me to use

E is looking after me though and doing everything she can to help me. 47 more words