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Yukidon rebound 7/5

Ever take your nail and just kinda scrape at an egg shell? It peels right off, the surface as smooth as a baby’s bottom. We just wanna be the way we like. 316 more words


is far too late to wake up on a weekday a block from main street hopibng to stay discrete with car living. shit has already started up–deliveries have been made, the garbage collected, and the barber is outside on her stoop smoking cigarettes just waiting for something exciting to happen like the vagrant queer to climb out of her car and head to the gym.

There is Love

What strikes me most about homelessness in Aspen is that a.) it exists at all and b.) most school children can list all of the homeless by name or at least by identifying characteristics. 1,124 more words

Three German Students Surprise a Homeless Guy

This has nothing to do with tattoos, and everything to do with humanity.  I just really like it and wanted to share…

What have you done to touch someone’s life lately?



Community "Call for Socks!" Donate to Sacramento's Homeless

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento will be helping feed & clothe Sacramento’s homeless this Sunday with community group, CAFFE — and there is a huge need for SOCKS! 107 more words


7 ways the localism act is shafting the homeless

By Izzy Koksal at Novara Wire:

The Focus E15 mums’ vibrant and unstoppable campaign has been important in highlighting what the largely unheard-of Localism Act means for homeless people and other precariously-housed people. 40 more words

10 Cities Worldwide That Are Working To Win Their Wars Against Homelessness

By Robbie Couch published by The Huffington Post:

Homelessness has no quick fix.

The uphill battle of finding homes for marginalized people (especially during a time of slow economic recovery and widening income equality), can pit some communities against homeless individuals instead of against the deep-seeded societal issues contributing to their circumstances. 19 more words