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We're going to be Homeless

After meeting with the contractors this morning, we understand that the renovation will not be at a point where we can move in May 1st. 285 more words


Benefits Street makers asked to leave homelessness day centre

By Heather Spurr at Inside Housing:

The makers of controversial documentary Benefits Street have been asked to leave a homelessness day centre for trying to research a new programme looking at immigrants. 7 more words

Don't Come Close by Kaze Gadway

“Don’t Come Close” by Kaze Gadway

     “Don’t come close,” the street woman says. She is sitting with her back to the wall with her blankets around her. 158 more words


Too Much Poverty by Nathan Blackwater

Too Much Poverty by Nathan Blackwater

     My grandfather talked about being given land but no implements to farm it. He lost the land. “There is no place for me anywhere,” he says quietly. 125 more words

Almost 2 million of the poorest households pushed deeper into poverty by welfare cuts

Some 1.75 million households in Great Britain have seen their incomes cut in the last three years as a result of welfare reform, a report by Oxfam and the New Policy Institute (NPI) reveals. 871 more words

The government has rebranded poverty as personal failure

By Frances Ryan in The Guardian:

The government absolves itself of guilt for the crisis its policies have produced by blaming disabled and poor people for their own difficulties… 7 more words

Does London need internal refugee camps for its homeless people?

By Michelle Hanson in The Guardian:

I keep stumbling across people sleeping in the park. Why are they there? Because there’s nowhere else for them to go

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