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Very Fluffy Honey Marshmallows


Mom: So, what do you have planned for Easter?

Kirsten: What do you mean have planned for Easter? Why would I do something for Easter?

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Easter Crafting Craziness - Homemade Peeps

Earlier this year we made homemade marshmallows, and they were AMAZING! Well I have wanted to try making homemade peeps ever since I saw Martha Stewart do it way back in 2001! 273 more words

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Marshmallow Roast

I made marshmallows! Thank you, smittenkitchen, for the recipe assist. The mallows were labor intensive. My first go at melting the sugar and corn syrup was a failure (and solidified my resolve to register for a candy thermometer.) The sugar was more than 100 degrees hotter than it was meant to be and the whole thing caramelized. 391 more words

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