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Winter is coming...

…or so they say multiple times an episode in Game of Thrones! But it really is coming soon and I need to start getting ready so I am adequately prepared for both winter and hot chocolates. 45 more words

Hot Chocolate

DIY Dog Treats #2! ; Wheat-free Peanut Butter Dog Treats!


Am back with another DIY dog treats recipe! Personally I quite enjoy baking and I think baking for your four-legged furry friend is a good idea because it’s generally healthier and you know what exactly goes into your doggie’s tummy when he eats these home-made treats! 289 more words


Buttered Rum Marshmallows

Did you know that marshmallows are really pretty easy to make?  I love to make them and this cookbook fueled my creativity.  Love the colors and shapes!! 531 more words

Eats And Treats

DIY Dog Treats! ; Wheat-free Apple Dog Cookies


If you follow Nikie’s instagram, you would know that he has sensitive skin and some food allergies. After having him for five months now, I sort of deduced that he can’t really take wheat or milk products. 415 more words


Fantastic Friday (It's Christmas Break!)

It’s Friday. 5 days post-marathon. Less than a week before Christmas. But most importantly, last day before 2 weeks off for Christmas Break!!!

I feel like I’m recovering well from the race. 803 more words

Cinnamon dog treats

This recipe came about because I had half a tin of condensed milk sitting in the fridge… it had been there a while.  How long I could not say but significantly longer that I was happy with… but it was still good and it seemed a shame to waste it so I decided to transform it into dog treats! 213 more words