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Homemade Pizza

It’s been a while since a homemade pizza came out of our oven. We used to use the bread machine to make the pizza dough but ever since the bread machine spoilt, we haven’t made pizza. 233 more words


Eggs in a basket

I hate it when you crack perfect eggs into a frying pan and they run amok, sprawled across the pan like a giant shapeless splat. I mean, why can’t they just obey and form a perfect circle? 129 more words

Hunger Need This...

When you are thousands miles away from your mother, you need to be a cook for yourself. 😊

Captured Edition

Homemade Vanilla Milkshake

Hey guys I don’t have a picture up for the milkshake I made, but look back a couple hours later and there should be one there. 68 more words

Thirsty Thursday

DIY Thursdays - Lemon Curd

I am out and out a lemon person. I like it in my drinks or as a condiment with Indian food – a yellow dal curry… 245 more words

DIY Thursdays

little Xandrie is almost here...

this couple can`t wait for little Xandrie to arrive.

capturing their excitement was priceless.

“Great things are done by a

series of small things brought together.”

-Vincent van Gogh-


DIY Calendula Tincture

For those of you who are maybe thinking β€œwhat in the world is a tincture,” it is when you add either vodka or glycerin and an herb (or in this case, a flower) in a bottle and let them sit there for like 6 weeks, so as to extract essential oils from the herb( flower). 83 more words