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Rosemary Crusted Lamb Chop Ribs with a Gruyere & White Cheddar Potato Gratin

It all started with my craving for cheese and potatoes. Apparently I do not have any self restraint, since I ended up baking a dish which incorporated the two.  442 more words


I remain affectionately yours.

I remain affectionately yours.  I have always thought that is one of the best ways to end a letter or a note.  While the usual… 242 more words


Let's get making!

Spoilt myself to a beautiful magazine over Easter, its called ‘Homemaker magazine’ I really like the style of the magazine. It had all sorts of things you could try, (that weren’t all just adverts for things) and most ideas didn’t result in you having to spend an absolute fortune either. 179 more words

Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns

So considering its been nearly a week since Easter Sunday, its probably safe to say that this post is a little over due. But thats mostly for people who seem to think eating Hot Cross buns is only an acceptable activity leading up to easter weekend and then living bunless existences for the rest of the year. 907 more words

Old Dog, New Tricks

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts, I’ve picked up knitting (again). It was a rough start, but with the help of Stephanie Japel and her… 119 more words


Whip it up Wednesday

I’ve been making my own yogurt at home for quite some time now. Why? Well, I like yogurt for one thing, but I’m also fond of the process…….oh yes, and it’s a bit cheaper than those little cups of commercial yogurt. 412 more words


Good morning! So, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of my food lately and I thought I’d share the fruits of my labor with you. 582 more words