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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere...

So Your Life Didn’t Turn Out The Way You’d Hoped: Yup this is true. We expect people to not only like us, but sing our praises and expect to be sought out. 49 more words

Christian Living

Fighting the stinky feet!

I don’t know if any of you can relate to this but my hubby’s work boots are kinda stinky.

Ok, a little more than kinda but I’m trying to be nice. 247 more words

Weekend Waffles

Before we had kids Mr. B and I would make waffles every Sunday morning.

                                                                 Our life before kids.  So great, but a little too quiet. 300 more words

Time Management - Meal Planning

Meal planning is a fantastic way to save time and money. Having a meal plan allows you to quickly pull out your necessary ingredients for dinner each day, it saves you time in the store by giving you a specific list of items you need to purchase, and it saves you money by giving you a specific plan to help keep you from spending excess money on unnecessary food items. 748 more words


Renewing Our Hearts

Hello friends!

Tis’ the season when the Bowler home is VERY busy, therefore I’ve been away from this blog busying myself with getting our house in order and preparing for the holidays. 1,159 more words

Backlash against the Pinterest Momma.

There is an article going around meant to encourage Mommas not to strive for perfection in their homemaking.  I’m all for not comparing myself to others, but the thing that got me about this article is it’s about  495 more words


The Table Will Be Full

The kingdom of heaven is like a woman who rises before dawn to clean her house, sweeping and scrubbing as she hums a song her mother taught her.  31 more words