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A Case of The Internet Being More Useful Than The Doctor…. But Hopefully This Is An Exception…. by Rowena J Ronson

I am sure we have all been tempted, and some of us have even given into the impulse, to search our random symptoms on the net, in the hope that we will find answers and perhaps even reassurance. 392 more words


“Just for Today be Grateful”

Though most of us are poised in the realm of politeness and say, “thank you,” when something is bestowed upon us, being grateful goes much deeper then the use of a couple simple words. 147 more words

A Hiding Place

We tremble with fear and avoid the dark corners, the sections of void that we fear to enter. We have not given time to the thought that with an open heart and gratitude, these might be the very hiding places, for the greater life we seek. – dbA

The Reiki Room

The Reiki Room is on line at http://www.reiki-room.com. Reiki is the most amazing thing I have found. By opening your mind it will help in never ending ways to truly enhance the person that you are. 26 more words

Healthiest Sleeping Positions

-Sleeping on your back, prevents neck & back pain, maintaining a neutral position for head, neck & spine. I also reduces acid reflux, by keeping your head elevated above your stomach. 118 more words


Adrenal Fatigue, a Long Road

When I was first diagnosed with adrenal fatigue by the naturopath I was also diagnosed with food allergies. I was so focused on what to eat I didn’t realize the seriousness of the adrenal fatigue part. 1,111 more words


the beginning....

I chose to create this blog to write inspiring, educational, thought-provoking articles that best represent who I am as an individual and where I am striving to go. 86 more words