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Homeopaths Respond to CBC Marketplace

On Friday, 28 November 2014, CBC Marketplace aired an episode (which I recommend watching before reading this) in which they sent parents and their babies to homeopaths for vaccine advice. 2,230 more words

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Positive feedback

I recently received this positive feedback from a client, who went to the trouble to outline what she felt were the best features of my services. 226 more words

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One dose is usually not enough

A common pitfall of using homeopathic remedies is just giving the remedy once and expecting it to do a miracle.

If your child has a small bump and you’re worried they’ll come up in a bruise, one dose should be sufficient. 154 more words

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We All Have Our Own Unique Sensitive Areas - Homeopathy Heals the Individual

In a previous blog post, I gave a link to an article and video talking about the overuse of antibiotics in children. Very simply, the bacteria that is helpful in the digestion of peanuts was being killed by the antibiotics. 693 more words

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Recent positive feedback on another chronic cough case

I received this message from a client with a little boy who has been working with me. Prior to June this year, the little boy had been prone to a repeated acute respiratory infections, with a chronic cough often accompanied by asthmatic breathing. 201 more words

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Chronic cough resolved in ten days

Early this month I was consulted by a mother in Perth, to help with a case of a cough in her two year old that had been persistent since she was ten months old. 125 more words

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Homeopathy and Flu

We have seen record breaking warm temperatures in recent weeks but as the clocks have changed, Bonfire Night whizzes and bangs are getting fewer and the early signs of the festive season are appearing, the cold weather seems to be making an appearance. 473 more words