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Winter Blues: How to lift the spirits and boost your immune system naturally

It can feel like a really hard slog to keep going at this time of year, it is so dark and damp… Christmas is a distant memory and Spring feels like a long way off in the future. 740 more words

Alternative Medicine

A natural remedy for reflux during pregnancy

Yesterday I received some positive feedback from a Melbourne naturopath who had asked me for a homeopathic remedy to help with reflux she is experiencing during her pregnancy. 107 more words

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Long winded ramble about my life

I thought it’s time for another post… as my last one was a bit down in the dumps! I received my latest thyroid results yesterday… 714 more words

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Listening, Witnessing, Giving Space - Homeopathy Does This Well

Over the last few weeks, I have “liked” and “shared” two quotations on my Classical Homeopathy Facebook Page. Some of you may have read them. I am including them here, along with Aphorism #84 from the Organon of the Medical Art by Dr. 399 more words

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What to avoid when taking your homeopathic remedies

Recently, a client who bought a travel kit asked me whether taking essential oils would interfere with the homeopathic remedies. I thought I would share the answer here, which is Yes. 150 more words

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This has been a rough stretch, filled with anxiety, poor sleep, a little weight gain, tooth ache, muscle ache and in general not being able to really feel myself – this is a pretty right on description of my last few months. 173 more words

When your body wants what you aren't feeding it...

It’s no secret that I’m a vegetarian. Well, I guess was a vegetarian until today. My road to vegetarianism was paved by animal rights and not wanting to drive the demand to kill for food. 1,192 more words