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Why you CRAVE peanut butter!

There are many in the world who enjoy peanut butter, but then there are those who absolutely adore it and crave it nonstop! I personally used to be one of those people. 338 more words

A patients experience of the theraputic encounter with a homeopath

(* Name changed by the editor to protect confidentiality)

Homeopath: Hi Lauren (*)

Patient: Hi Julia (*)

Homeopath: How are you doing today?

Patient: Overall very well thanks, and you? 1,021 more words

Autumn 2014 - The Therapeutic Relationship

Quick Cures for Insomnia and Headaches

Insomnia is one of those things that can have many causes whether it be your hormones or sleep schedule in your daily life, stress or thinking about a task too much, lots of physical activity during the day, dehydration or one of the more common yet not considered causes which is the bodies blood glucose levels. 564 more words

Back to school: How to help children who have starting or returning to school anxiety

Starting school for the first time, returning to a new class or a new school is a challenge for children and parents. Some mild anxiety is to be expected but it can be overwhelming. 495 more words

Alternative Medicine

September Promo

Hey Y’all!

I have some pretty cool news. They are replacing purification in the premium kit with digize for a short period of time. This oil is so valuable and one of the onesĀ  I recommend to people after they receive there kit and want to know other oils to get. 244 more words

Meal Prep Essentials!

Meal prepping even just for a couple of days can allow you to be more productive in your days and take off the stress of having to cook up a fresh, healthy meal everyday. 209 more words

Eliminating Coffee : How to Survive with No Coffee...

Eliminating Coffee from ones daily routine can be challenging, many if not most of you are coffee dependant and wake up craving that warm cup of brewed caffeine. 202 more words