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Sore Throats

Sore throats can occur during any season of the year, and frequently herald the start of a cold, or in other cases, tonsillitis or strep throat, which is a particularly nasty strain of bacterial infection that can spread quickly through a classroom of students. 663 more words


The Renaissance of Homeopathy

I would think that any art so young would have its ups and downs as it matured and developed. Some of the principles of homeopathy have been around for a very long time however and now that science has started to glimpse an understanding of the immaterial universe, so too can the mystery of homeopathy start to gain acceptance. 101 more words



Have you ever noticed when you cut yourself, your body immediately begins to heal the wound? We are created to heal – the body has innate wisdom about how to heal itself. 646 more words

Energy Healing

Don't let allergies control your life any longer!

Do you suffer from allergies?
Do you have sensitivities to certain foods?
Do you have eczema, hayfever, asthma or suffer from sinus troubles?

Natural remedies may help you! 162 more words