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Have you ever noticed when you cut yourself, your body immediately begins to heal the wound? We are created to heal – the body has innate wisdom about how to heal itself. 646 more words

Energy Healing

Don't let allergies control your life any longer!

Do you suffer from allergies?
Do you have sensitivities to certain foods?
Do you have eczema, hayfever, asthma or suffer from sinus troubles?

Natural remedies may help you! 162 more words


Take exquisite care of yourself ... you deserve it!

When you have your period, do you listen to your body and rest when you need to?

I like to remember that in traditional Native American societies, the women went to the Moonlodge teepee when they were menstruating. 250 more words

Flower Essences

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy aims to treat the person and not just the disease. Find out more in the video below:

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How can homeopathy help to stop the Ebola outbreak?

Via Skeptical Raptor

In case you’re assuming that it can, it really can’t.

Since any reasonable person would understand that homeopathy violates some of the basic principles of physics, chemistry and biology. 475 more words


Drosera Rotundifolia, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This article is mostly a visual tool to remember the remedy by.

Known commonly as the Sundew plant, this carnivorous species lives in bogs and marshes. 372 more words