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Homeostasis and Plateau

I am sure everyone who has been on a diet has experienced this.
Plateau is when you are burning more calorie than your intake,
Still you are not losing weight at all. 231 more words



Homeostasis is self adjustng mechanisms that allow the body to keep a contant internal environment.


Negative feedback is when a change is detected and mechanisms in the body work to reverse it. 361 more words


Fundamental Principles

Trigger warning: Discussion of weight loss.

Earlier this summer I tried to make a comprehensive chart of all the logical inconsistencies in the conventional wisdom about how fat operates physiologically. 1,472 more words


My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 87 ... Robin Williams

I sincerely hope Robin Williams didn’t take his own life, in whole or in part, because he was under the false belief that he had been diagnosed with an incurable disease.  343 more words


General Adaptation Syndrome

The General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) was proposed by Hans Selye on July 4, 1936. His paper was titled “A Syndrome Produced by Diverse Nocuous Agents.” The basic idea behind his paper is that chronic stress causes long-term chemical changes which are harmful to the body. 391 more words

Balance is a wobble, either side of normal

I don’t understand how scientists/doctors can think that blood pressure doesn’t have a bottom end, when it comes to the value in lowering it.

What is the point in acknowledging the reality of homeostatic systems if you don’t apply the principle in practise? 471 more words

Naturopathy & Science

Reason # 8

Reason #8:

You can see intelligent design in nature. Two molecules did not get shoved together, throw up on each other, and BOOM! Earth, humans, solar system, animals, plants, homeostasis, ecosystems, CHECK. 20 more words

Ten Thousand Reasons