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Drink 33ml of Water per Kilo Body Weight Daily

Not enough water you dehydrate and die. Too much water you drown.

The rule of thumb is:

Drink 33ml of water per kilo of body weight per day… 14 more words

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My Chemical Romance

I just finished guiding my students; it is a national holiday, yet there I was making the sweet Yemeni child who was obviously bigger than me comprehend the first subtopic of Chemistry.   251 more words


Bio 12, Sept 23 & 24 - Homeostasis & Water

Welcome to Biology 12!  Today we went over the course outline, and then started talking about homeostasis and the importance of water to living things. 53 more words

Biology 12

My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 95 ... Ego, Fear and Parkinson's

Fear, in part, causes Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s, in part, causes fear. At the center of this circular dance, is ego , holding onto and feeding off the fear, injecting negative thoughts and exacerbating symptoms. 570 more words


Getting Better

It’s actually funny how different I’m feeling at this moment when I compare it to all of the low moments from the prior week. My bowels are behaving normally, I’ve been able to eat all different types of food, I’ve been teaching some good Algebra I lessons to my Year 1 students, and I finally got a working laptop. 599 more words

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The perks of being an Endotherm

An Endotherm – “is an organism that can use internal sources of heat, such as heat generated from metabolic reactions in the liver to maintain its own internal body temperature” – OCR biology Heineman. 975 more words


Younger Looking Skin One Cell at a Time

The secret to more youthful looking skin lies in optimizing cellular function

OPTIPHI® focuses on achieving Positive Homeostatic Influence (PHI) within skin cells. The proven actives in our products create skin balance, setting the stage for…

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