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Homeostasis = Productivity & Peace of Mind.

When you know, and you know you know, confidence replaces fear, and confusion.

We all seek balance and clarity. However, adversity is generally also accepted as a day to day reality. 176 more words


Not Too High, Not Too Low

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Americans are a “positive” people — cheerful, optimistic, and upbeat: This is our reputation as well as our self-image. 123 more words


Talking About The Floods

Talking About The Floods

NS: It seems that people have always read some significance into natural phenomena – and in particular, major events such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. 725 more words


Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

It’s true, zebras don’t get ulcers. For one thing, they don’t worry about things that are probably not even going to happen. Ever. Humans are the only ones who have that ability, and very often when we worry our body turns on a stress response, flooding it with a number of stress hormones that will promote a series of changes in our organs and our natural balance – heart rate goes up, immune system is suppressed, blood is diverted to muscles or wherever is most needed… Basically we have evolved to turn on a fight-or-flight response like zebras and other animals, however, unlike zebras and other animals, we don’t turn it off as easily – and that’s because most of the time we don’t react to threats, but to… 230 more words

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Mista Lista: Planning Your 'Pairs and 'Provements

A few weeks months ago, Mista Lista shared the KaZoo’s home shopping (house buying, not HSN, fools!) list.  Note: Mista Lista is like the B.A. Baracus of listmaking for home improvement and all things DIY, so feel free to read that last bit with your best Mr. 1,241 more words

How do we adapt to different temperatures?

The weather and temperature are not constant which causes fluctuations in our core body temperature. Our bodies are arranged perfectly so that every metabolic process can be carried out at around 37OC. 891 more words


What's in your cheat meal?

What is a ‘cheat meal’?  it sounds exceptionally enticing… as it should because it is a reward after all. This whole trend of ‘clean eating,’ which basically means eating fresh, unprocessed foods saw the birth of this idea of the cheat meal. 775 more words

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