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3: Paleo - Critical Evaluation

There is an increasing amount of literature available today, extending from research done by scientists in the fields of anthropology to diet programmes offered by nutritional experts who have studied these new insights and incorporated them into their own dietary protocols. 581 more words

Dietary Diversity

What is osteopathy?

When I meet new people and say about my studies I always get various answers…

Some people know about it but have never heard about osteopathy for animals before. 233 more words



God operates through man, and man’s business is to be a good conductor of the divine current called life. – Emerson

When stress accumulates over time we start to slip from our natural homeostasis, & every area of life begins to suffer.  105 more words

Hedonism? Are You Kidding Me?

“As you say of yourself, I TOO AM AN EPICUREAN. I consider the genuine (not the imputed) doctrines of Epicurus as containing everything rational in moral philosophy which Greece and Rome have left us. 767 more words


The opposite of procrastination is the inability to say, "No."

Putting off things you don’t consider urgent (I.e. procrastinating) and the hyperactivity displayed by those unable to turn down virtually any request made of them, are the two sides of the same coin. 113 more words

Self Help


Lately, I have found little time to write.  Some how I have managed to overload myself to a point where my stress is at an all time high.   578 more words


2: Customized Nutrition

If we were mechanical entities, then one diet might indeed be appropriate for all. But, as we are each biological entities with our own complex biochemical makeup, foods and supplements affect us differently.

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Dietary R/Evolution