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Jody: Do You Read Your HOA's Fine Print?

Idle question, has anyone ever heard or dealt with a Homeowner’s Association that has rules regarding Halloween? Or any other holiday for that matter.

I ask because some of those inflatables have blowers that sound like a NASA wind tunnel. 48 more words


What should HOA Federal Regulation look like?  

We have a huge, systemic problem in the US. It used to be that regulation was enacted and enforced to protect the People, the taxpaying constituents of government. 738 more words


Judge to decide how to define “Family” for HOA in Frisco

This is an update to an earlier blog about the Plantation Resort 2 in Frisco, TX. The PR2 HOA is filing suit against City House, to block use of a home they recently purchased and renovated for use as transitional living for homeless youths. 491 more words


Should there be federal standards and regulations for HOAs?  

My colleagues and I have posed this question on several occasions in HOA discussion forums frequented by Community Associations Institute (CAI) members – mostly community managers and attorneys, with an occasional Board member. 603 more words


Who Picks Up the Poo?

By Nicole Thompson-Hale

Maybe this has happened to you before….you’re having a nice walk through the park in your neighborhood with your kids. You brought a ball so you start kicking it around on the grass and BAM!…you step in it. 352 more words


It’s My House, You Cannot Tell Me What To Do

By Nicole Thompson-Hale

If you own a home in a homeowners association, you have probably thought this more often than not…”its my house, you cannot tell me what to do”. 425 more words


What is an Estoppel Letter and why does it cost so much?

What is an Estoppel Letter and why does it cost so much? This is a question Title Closers have to answer quite often when closing a real estate transaction. 449 more words

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