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The Bond Market Is Telling Us To Buy Stocks Now

The signs are everywhere if you just know where to look, and the bond market is sending us a big tell.

If you follow my work at all, then you know I always say… 185 more words


#IvyUnleashed: She showed her TA TAS!!! BOOBIES everywhere at the Miss California USA finals

OMG so embarrassing! Miss Beverly Hills Chanelle Riggan had a little issue with her bikini top at the Miss California USA finals …Poor girl showed them boobies to everybody! 34 more words


Discounted Tickets to the 2015 NoVa Mini Maker Faire are On Sale!

Don’t forget to get your Discounted tickets to the 2015 NoVa Mini Maker Faire on Sunday March 15th. Ticket prices at the door on the day of the faire will be more expensive and lines may be long. 33 more words


6 Reasons Why You Should Be Embracing Your Lip Liner

Tubes and tubes of lipstick are probably happily sitting together in a small collection on the bottom of your purse, and there’s a good reason for their occupancy there. 792 more words


Carrie Underwood Shares Her ‘Pregnancy Perks'

Is that a belly or table? Last week, Carrie Underwood tweeted a picture of her ‘Pregnancy Perk’: using her belly as a tabletop for her snacks. 85 more words


6 Reasons You Should Be Using Chia Oil

By now, many of us have sprinkled chia seeds over our cereal, sipped it in our Kombucha, or blended some into a smoothie. But these healthful morsels are not just beneficial as food—chia has become a hot new beauty ingredient that boasts pretty amazing results. 607 more words

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