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The Bruce bank shot ... what if ...

Rumors surfaced last week that the Padres and Reds have engaged in preliminary discussions that involve trading Jay Bruce to San Diego. Subsequent denials by trusted insiders… 339 more words

Homer Bailey

SP Rotation Slot Definitions

There have been many recent discussions concerning the possibility of the Reds dealing a starting pitcher this off season. Sometimes in these discussions people will tag starting pitchers as being a #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 starter to describe their level of ability as a starting pitcher. 263 more words

Homer Bailey

Shiny Purple Reds: All the Way to the Backstop

I am in awe of the generosity of the blogging community.  I can think of no other group of people who blindly give away collectibles, often valuable collectibles.  524 more words

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Significant Off-Season Ahead for Reds

The Cincinnati Reds just completed a disastrous season, in which they fell from just 1.5 games back at the All-Star Break to 14 games back by the end of the season. 1,159 more words

2014 Review: Rounds 6 Through 10

Today we continue on with our 2014 review of my draft and hold league that finished second this season. If you missed rounds 1 through 5, the write-up can be found… 517 more words