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Neptune's Scribe lays down her pen

REEF has closed and my residency is officially over, so I’m a little sad, yes . . . but although hosting the Sea Changers event felt like cresting a wave, I wanted to say my final farewell from Neptune, where I’ve spent so many fascinating hours these last two months. 725 more words


Snow in Words, Battle and, in season, On the Ground

We braved the winter gauntlet yesterday by plane, bus and automobile.  This means, of course, that I have to repost some snow-lines from the ancient world. 140 more words


BERGDORF GOODMAN'S Christmas Windows 2014 • Authors

Bergdorf has done it again.  Their Christmas Windows….2014.……are spectacular.  The theme is: “inspired”………….the words of David Hoey……the talented man behind these windows.  The theme this year is:  28 more words


the nature of god and man in the Iliad

-Post being updated in parts

The Iliad is one of the finest works ever written in western literature. One of the most interesting themes prevalent throughout the poem that I found when studying the Iliad was the relationship between the gods and men. 1,314 more words


The Iliad

Last week I blogged about how I was planning to work my way through the reading list from Adler’s and Van Doren’s How to Read a Book… 951 more words


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The Hero Sleeps

‘You’re a hard man, Odysseus, stronger
Than other men, and you never wear out,
A real-iron man.’ […]

Then Odysseus
Stood up and placed a two-handled cup… 343 more words