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DJ and His Every Simpsons Ever Marathon

I have something to admit, something I’ve been hiding for the better part of my twenty-four years and I really feel like a nervous pervis about this as I finally get it off my chest: I haven’t seen as many of the classic Simpsons episodes as you’d think for a millennial. 1,353 more words

 Important Greeks Who Changed the World


                More than just architecture, artistry and the Iliad, the Greeks offered a lot to the world that contributed greatly to our present existence. Ancient Greeks really did spend a lot of time figuring out the world they live in. 468 more words

Nerd Focus

Poem 342 - The Epic of Aaron and Jacobi

And Aaron, son of Max,
Who had been raised in the glorious countryside,
Tending to his studies at the local school,
Where he had excelled in history, and been otherwise average at best, 511 more words


Work-Contests: Two Passages from the Odyssey about Manual Labor

A repeated motif in the Odyssey is Odysseus’ ability to do manual labor, often marked out in contrast with the suitors who just lay about consuming another man’s wealth.  299 more words


Boring classics teachers


All hail, seven pupils of Aristides the rhetorician, four walls and three benches.

Select Epigrams from the Greek Anthology 10 XXX111 J.W.MACKAIL

Nowadays the accolade for the most boring teachers seems to go to geography teachers. 375 more words

Ancient Greek

The Iliad by Homer (transl. Edward, 14th Earl of Derby)

The Iliad by Homer
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This is my third time reading Homer’s Iliad. I read Robert Fitzgerald’s translation in college. In 2008, after reading his rendition of the Odyssey, I turned to Robert Fagles. 264 more words


"Sweat is The Price of Virtue": Some Greek Quotes for Labor Day

Plutarch, Perikles 1.4 5-6

“Often and quite contrarily, we look down on a laborer while delighting in his work”

πολλάκις δὲ καὶ τοὐναντίον χαίροντες τῷ ἔργῳ τοῦ δημιουργοῦ καταφρονοῦμεν 90 more words