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We've Previewed FXX's 'Simpsons World' App And Here's Everything You Need To Know

Hi, Everybody!

A great man once said, “What’s the point of going out? We’re just gonna wind up back here anyway.” If you, like me, subscribe to the newsletter of Homer Jay Simpson then I have excellent news. 756 more words


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Let your tapping finger take a break and embrace this fantastic news! We wanted it, we asked for it and now it's here: Every. Episode. Ever. The internet is such a fun thing! Read this great article from UPROXX and enjoy your Simpsons marathon.

Greek pilotage puzzle: where's Ithaca?

On an Ionian holiday a few years ago, I walked off a modern cruising yacht into an argument about an ancient voyage that has been unresolved for well over 2,000 years. 154 more words

Getting through the first books of The Odyssey

Hi, literature lovers!

This week is devoted to the reading of the Odyssey, as I may have said somewhere here before. So long, I’ve read from book I to VI, and I like it. 308 more words


Should I Buy Booberella?

This character, like everything else in this update, is only available for a limited-time. While you do have a little over a month do decide if you want to add Booberella to your Springfield, consider the following information. 113 more words


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Hello neighboreenos! Today we enter phase 2 of the THOHXXV event and some new old items have made it to the menu! One of the most coveted characters in TSTO, Booberella is back from last year's event. Her price didn't change but she is quite expensive for a stand-alone character. We already had a "Should I Buy" post about her from last year so I'm just reblogging it for your convenience.

A Gate In Cupertino

There was so much going on yesterday at the Cupertino Library’s 10th Anniversary Fair! I will post a separate post with all my photos, observations, and special superhero sightings. 461 more words

CupPL Event


I was startled the other day when my smart phone went nuts with a loud warbling alarm that I was sure I hadn’t set.  I scrambled over to it and found that it was relaying a tornado warning from the National Weather Service.   256 more words


Wine gives a man fresh strength

“Wine gives a man fresh strength when he is wearied, as you now are with fighting on behalf of your kinsmen.”

— Homer, The Iliad