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Know The Homeschool Law

As it comes close to the end of July, there are homeschoolers across Pennsylvania that already have homeschool days in for the year.  The Pennsylvania homeschool year can begin on July first, as long as you have your affidavit and other paperwork handed into the school district. 600 more words


And So... We Begin Again

Yesterday we returned to our “regularly scheduled program”; meaning school. Books were pulled out of the homeschool cupboard, pencils were sharpened, and lessons were learned. 637 more words


The Reluctant Rebel: Gemma's Story, Part One

HA note: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Gemma” is a pseudonym specifically chosen by the author.

Part 1: Why I Went… 615 more words


"To the Ladies of Patrick Henry College": A 2006 Email from 2 Male PHC Students

HA note: The following was submitted by a PHC graduate who wishes to remain anonymous.

Trigger warning: slut-shaming, victim-blaming, and abuse apologisms.

If you need some extra content for your series, you might be interested in publishing this lovely piece of misogynistic bullcrap. 4,384 more words


PHC Students Display Unrivaled Maturity and Spiritual Prowess: Dante Alighieri's Story

HA note: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Dante Alighieri” is a pseudonym chosen specifically by the author.

Patrick Henry College is an interesting pressure cooker that gets quite a bit of flack for being dogmatic or overly conservative. 613 more words


Kindergarten at 4?!?!

I don’t want my child to graduate or go to college at 17.

I want my child to be the oldest in their grade.

I want my child to be able to drive before all their friends. 1,213 more words


Here We Go Again!

Well, here we go again… Another summer has come and gone; it is time to once again hit the books. (Not that we ever really… 177 more words