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Awesome $1 Items for YOUR Tot School * August 2014

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out that Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. I find our neighborhood store to be well-stocked and well-staffed! 179 more words


Homeschooling (Part One)

If at any given time you feel the need to start a debate, mention homeschooling.  Everyone has an opinion.  EVERYONE.  Ask me how I know.  But, that’s not what this post is about.   379 more words

Pediatric Stroke

First Day of School

In order to keep up with all our friends who have been uploading “first day of school” photos this week, I thought I should take a picture of Nasko starting school. 86 more words


Homeschooling: Teaching Reluctant Learners

I have had my share of reluctant learners.  Some of my boys were not interested in school at all.  One didn’t even really want to learn to read until he was almost 8!   820 more words


Before You Buy That Homeschool Curriculum

I’ve been absent for a bit lately, as we’ve been in the process of moving from Hawaii to Virginia. Along with that came the necessary goodbyes, not only to beautiful Hawaii and our friends, but to our second oldest who stayed behind to attend college (Can you blame him??). 1,037 more words


Introducing the Cavendish

I figure the Cavendish need a proper introduction. And where there is a will there is a way. It helps (sometimes) to be clear and concise when you’re expressing yourself. 1,945 more words

Kids And Parenting

Living Books and Reading Aloud

One of the most valuable activities in our home is reading often and at length from good books, “living” books, chosen carefully for their literary value—interesting, educational and pleasurable to read. 351 more words